Here is a list, along with a few pictures, of the places that I’ve had the privilege to call my home. For however short a time…

Reedsburg, Wisconsin

reedsburgTime period: January 1986-May 2008
I was not born in Reedsburg, born in Madison, but I grew up in Reedsburg. My dad also grew up in Reedsburg with his brother, sister, and parents so I was always close to my grandparents. I went to elementary school, middle school and graduated from Reedsburg Area High School. My husband, John, aslo went to middle school and high school with me in Reedsburg and we were in band together. We even sat next to each other in the clarinet section senior year. Awwww. I married my high school sweetheart! I lived with my dad and my younger brother only during college breaks after August 2004.

Orange City, Iowa

orange cityTime period: August 2004-May 2008
I started college at Northwestern College in August of 2004 as a music major. I started college wanting to be a choir teacher. After a few semesters of music theory, I decided music was not the way I wanted to go with my major. I still stayed in Symphonic Band at school; I had played clarinet since 8th grade (other instruments before that). My junior year of college, the band went to Chihuahua, Mexico on a mission trip–the farthest from home I’ve been as of yet. I unoffically graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Digital Video in May 2008, after my internship that summer, I finally got my diploma in August.

Milford, Iowa

milfordTime period: May 2008-August 2008
The official town that was on my address was Milford, but I like to say I lived in Okoboji. Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp is a camp that my family has gone to every summer for a week at family camp. It has always been a blast and I wish I could have lived there forever. I worked there for the summer for my internship, videotaping events each week (8 in total, 9 DVDs including the staff DVD at the end of summer) and making DVDs for kids and families to take home as souveniers. I had so much fun doing something I love all while being in a place that I have always enjoyed.

Mount Horeb, Wisconsin

mount horebTime period: August 2008-October 2008
For the short time between my internship ending and getting a job at a TV station, I lived in Mount Horeb with my aunt and uncle. While living here, I was able to make money without having to pay rent (thank them so much!) and I worked at a cinema in nearby Madison, WI. At the cinema I met one of my good friends that I still have today, Melissa, who was also in my wedding. My uncle works for human resources for his company, so living with them, he helped me create a nice resume and I got offered a job in La Crosse.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

lacrosseTime Period: October 2008-May 2009
I moved in with four girls I didn’t know. It was crazy. A friend from high school knew a girl who was wanting to move out but needed someone to sub-lease, so that person ended up being me. The house was about a 15 minute walk away from the TV station so in the spring when my car started acting up on me, I was able to walk to work quite easily (although then I had to wake up even earlier for my 4:45AM shift…). I really enjoyed working at the TV station, and living in La Crosse. It’s a larger city and I knew my way around, so I was proud of that fact. I would probably have stayed if I could have afforded a place on my own.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

wisconsin dellsTime period: May 2009-December 2009
After leaving La Crosse, I became a bum with no job and moved in with my friend from the cinema, Amanda, and her then-current roommate Matt. We were now living in Amanda’s old 3-bedroom house. We had no water for at least a month and took showers where we could get them. Amanda worked at Game Stop, but was also looking for a second job with me looking for a first job. After about a month we found one at the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park. One of her friends already worked there and got us applications from his manager… so we were in the “know”. End of August-ish time Matt moved out, two friends from worked moved in and then out after a month and not letting Amanda or I know (at this time Amanda was staying at her boyfriend’s house most of the week). Then our friend Amanda B moved in about a month before John came back for our wedding and then I moved once again! Now Amanda B lives with her dog, my cat, a cat her friends left her, and her boyfriend stays there sometimes.

Fort Wainwright, Alaska

fort wainwrightTime period: January 2010-February 2012
The wonderful arctic of Fort Wainwright, which is connected to Fairbanks, AK. I consider them one and the same, which I’m sure most other people here do too because as soon as you drive out the front gate of post, you’re in Fairbanks! Fairbanks is pretty nice. It’s part of a big city (compared to home) but it doesn’t always feel that way–it’s got the small-town feel. Here, I worked at American Eagle Outfitters and in the summer of 2010 John and I found we were expecting our first child! Easton James was born March 10, 2011! I will never miss the -40 degree weather in the winters, but I definitely miss the mild summers. Perfect weather in the summer, low humidity and highs in the 70s.

Fort Campbell, Kentucky

fort campbellTime period: April 2012-August 2014
It’s a big change from the cold of Alaska, to the humid and hot Kentucky/Tennessee border. It’s a bit confusing when explaining our address… we technically live on Tennessee land, but the post office for the Army post is on the Kentucky side of the line, so our address is KY. It was definitely a lot nicer being closer to home (WI) so we could see family more often :) We also were near a great friend of John’s from one of his duty stations in New York. They had a daughter who was Easton’s age so they became fast friends as well. We had a lot of fun in Tennessee, but I will NOT be missing the humid summers there.

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

sun prairieTime period: September 2014-present
Our current residence.

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