We’ve had a long list of pets so far, most of them have only been with us for a few months or so before they found new homes. Here, you will find pictures of our current and previous pets.


Dakota is our baby. We were lucky enough to get her from the local animal shelter up in Fairbanks, Alaska less than an hour after she was dropped off. I was sitting there waiting for John to arrive when she was brought in. Her owners were moving off the Army post and the apartments they moved into didn’t allow pets. Dakota is an Alaskan Klee Kai (not pure breed though) which is basically a miniature Husky. We fell in love with her after meeting her, she is such an amazing dog. :D


In August 2017, we adopted a lab mix 1-year-old puppy named Evee [pronounced like the Pokémon named Eevee (EEE-VEE)]. Not much to say about her yet, but she is very energetic and gets along wonderfully with Dakota and Easton She was a stray and was found starving to death by the organization A.R.V.S.S. Thankfully, she is very loving and absolutely LOVES giving kisses!

Previous Pets


Maya was a brat. Seriously. We got Maya in the summer of 2011, and she was a puppy. So cute. But she’s a brat. I think part of it is because she wasn’t fixed and because Dakota is such a timid dog, Maya thinks she’s the queen of everything. Except me. She knows not to cross me, but I still love her :) Maya is a Husky / German Shepherd mix, we got her from a co-worker of John’s. His dog got his neighbors 2 dogs pregnant, so we had 2 litters to choose from We had to find Maya a new home after moving to Tennessee because she just got too big for our small Army housing


After we found Maya a new home, it was quite a few months before we decided to get another dog. We thought Dakota should have a playmate and we found these cute Blue Heeler/Lab mix puppies on Craigslist and then we had Bailey. She was adorable and Dakota loved her, but she again was just a brat! Before she turned 1 we got her spayed and I hoped it would calm her down and keep from being a bully to Dakota. That didn’t happen and she shortly started to become aggressive towards Easton, who was 3 or 4 at the time. This worried me, because I didn’t want her to bite him or anything, so I brought it up to my veterinarian and she suggested having Easton feed her, and give her treats, and basically make her remember he was someone to be nice towards. We gave it over a year, and after we moved back to Wisconsin, she showed the same aggression towards other children, so we decided it was time to find her a new home as well. We ended up adopting her out to a very nice older man who’s children were all grown up and out of the house.

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