Driving Me Wild

After almost a week, I am finally feeling better :) For some reason, I felt nauseous and weak for about 4 extra days after our entire household was sick. I think it was because when John was sick, we went to the hospital and they pumped 2 liters of fluid in him, and I was sick the next day and just dealt with it. Oh well. All better now :)

It is getting so close to moving time! I’m really excited, but also nervous at the same time. This is my first move from Army base to Army base and also my first drive across the country. For those that don’t know, we originally wanted to leave Alaska and drive the whole way down through Canada, to Wisconsin (where we are originally from) to spend a few weeks home with family, then drive the rest of the way to our new home in Kentucky. Well, we decided that it being March, the roads in Alaska and Canada might not be too great, so we are bypassing Canada and flying to Seattle, WA, picking up our car (which we dropped off Monday to get shipped down there) and then driving to Wisconsin, and then Kentucky. Here’s our tentative route with a few stops we want to make along the way:

A: Starting in Seattle, WA. We are picking up our car here, also planning on buying a portable DVD player for Easton and spending the night with a family friend of John’s dad.
B: Spokane, WA. John has family here, so we are staying overnight here as well.
C, D & E: Sioux Falls, SD, we aren’t really staying or going anywhere here, but I put that as a stop on the way to Le Mars, IA (D). I went to college in Orange City, IA (E) and Le Mars is where they make Blue Bunny ice cream. While in college, I fell in love and I hardly buy any other brand :P We are planning on stopping at the ice cream shop in Le Mars so John can taste the amazing FRESH Blue Bunny, then spending maybe an hour or two in Orange City around my old campus at Northwestern College. I miss it.
F: Reedsburg, WI this is where John and I went to school. We met in band in high school and even dated our Senior year. We went our separate ways as John joined the Army and during his second tour in Iraq, we began talking again and fell in love <3 We plan on spending a few weeks home with family as everyone hasn't seen Easton since he was 4 months old and now when we're home he's turning 1! XD G: Fort Campbell, KY. This is going to be our new home. For at least the next 3 years. I’m just glad to be out of Alaska. ;)

In other news, I said I would post a video of Easton in my last post, so here it is:

Also, I made some Strawberry Cupcakes that turned out amazing! I’m going to be adding the recipe to the site soon :) (like, now, actually)

Losing Fluids

I feel like I’ve been away for quite a while. Sorry about that. If things couldn’t get worse since my last post, Easton puked the next day, while I was feeding him dinner. We didn’t think much of it, took his temperature and it was only 99*F. They start to worry once it gets to 102*F for babies. The rest of the night was fine, then the next day, John started puking and spending a lot of time on the toilet after work and through the night. He tried to lay down upstairs and get some rest, and I took care of EJ. This virus had been going around town lately, so it wasn’t too unexpected, but it still sucked. It was getting to be after 10PM and I fed Easton a bottle, and a couple snacks and he was playing in his high chair. I was about to pick him up and take him upstairs to go to bed when he started puking again :( I cleaned him up, called John downstairs and was comforting EJ on the floor when he puked again. And so did John. Okay, time to go to the ER.

We packed up and headed out a little after 11PM to the ER here on post, and ended up waiting like 2 hours before being seen. Gotta love it. Luckily, Easton didn’t have any more problems, but John had to keep making trips to the restroom. After we were finally seen, they gave John some anti-nausea medication in with his IV as he was dehydrated. I mean, if you were (excuse my language) puking and shitting your guts out, you’d be pretty dehydrated too! :P Easton ate a bottle and kept it down, so they didn’t give him anything. I’m sitting there thinking, “oh great, I’m totally getting this tomorrow…” and what do you know? I did! The next day I spent my entire day losing fluids but luckily I was able to take a good nap, which kept my trips to the bathroom down, which John wasn’t able to do the day before.

I’ve still been recovering over the last few days… been feeling nauseous and stomach has been achy but luckily it hasn’t been as bad as those few hours. I never want to do that again!

In other news, Easton was feeding himself some carrots earlier today :D I will post the video in my next blog, which I hope to do soon.

Scariest Thing Ever

So, the Superbowl is tomorrow. :doh: I honestly, could care less. But, the hubby loves football and even though our team isn’t playing, he’s still watching. And inviting people over. Not a big deal, but I don’t really like football to begin with AND our team isn’t playing… I watched last year cuz the Green Bay Packers were playing, and they won XD and we’re from Wisconsin, so it was a great time. Now, I’m like, “I’d rather sit on the computer and mess with my sites” but we have people over, so I really can’t do that, now, can I? :( lol

The fun thing is, though, is I saw this awesome tutorial about Petit Fours, which I’d never heard of before, and I’ve been wanting to try to make some! I wanted to make Valentine’s Day ones, like she shows in the tutorial, but decided to make SuperBowl related ones instead so other people can eat them all rather than just me and John :P I also made a Chocolate Cheesecake :)

Earlier tonight, after Easton woke up from his nap, John brought him downstairs and put him in his high chair, getting ready for dinner because it was about that time. John sat back down, and I was still busy in the kitchen, so to make sure EJ wouldn’t start fussing for food cuz Daddy sat down, I decided to give him some snacks, some Gerber Yogurt Melts. He’s had them many times before, and he absolutely loves them, so I thought nothing of it. I put 3 on his tray and turned to talk to John. After less than a minute I hear Easton making strange noises. I turn around and his face is bright red and I can tell he can’t breathe. OHMYGODMYBABYISCHOKINGANDHE’SGONNADIEWHATAMIGONNADOHECAN’TBREATHE!! :( I run over to him, John’s right behind me, and I start freaking out, patting his back, trying to look in his mouth, and then EJ starts crying. Okay. He’s crying, so he can breathe again. He keeps coughing and making the short inhale sound that you hear on TV shows and in movies when someone is choking… obviously can breathe but it’s hard (and the actors are just bad and pretending to choke). I’m sitting on the floor now, holding Easton trying to calm down when I’m in tears myself. How did this happen? How CAN this happen? It’s fucking baby snacks, made for kids 9+ months and he’s almost 11 months and has been eating them fine. Except, I notice that this flavor of the yogurt melts, the pieces are much bigger than the other flavors. WTF Gerber? I feel like I should sue.

Time to Bid Adieu

I am so ready to get out of Alaska. The last few days it’s been close to -50* F out and I’m getting sick of it! At -40* if you take boiling water and throw it outside, it turns to straight fog. It’s insane. I’m sure if you could find it on YouTube. Actually, let me do it for you…

It’s craziness. I couldn’t find the video one of our friends made, but this one was done on campus less than 10 miles away from here.

For those that don’t know, John, Easton and I will be leaving the state of Alaska on March 1, 2012. Our plan is to fly to Seattle, WA, pick up our car that we are having shipped down there, and stay with family overnight. Then drive over the next few days to Wisconsin, where the bulk of our family is (also where we are from), stay home for about a month while John takes some leave time, then off to Kentucky sometime in April once we have a house on the Army base down there. Going from Alaska to Kentucky is going to be weird, but I think I will like the winters much better :D

I’ve been meaning to write an article about Alaska (it was going to be a funny one, of course!) but, sadly, didn’t get around to it. Maybe I’ll get one out before we leave. February 23rd our household items will be packed up, and I will no longer have internet. I don’t know how I will survive! >D I am just hoping that any pending fanlistings that I have currently applied for get approved (or rejected, I guess) before that so I have time to get them done before my computer is gone!


So I feel like a total loser. I get waaaaaaay too emotional when playing video games. That’s probably why I don’t play a lot. Well a few months ago we bought the game Uncharted because I like playing the Tomb Raider games and it’s said to be similar. I was having a fun time playing a new game until a point where I got stuck.

I’m playing on the easiest setting and I keep getting killed. The spot in the game is a small area where a bunch of guys come out and I have to kill them. Well, I keep running out of ammo and there’s too many of them shooting so when I try fighting one, the rest shoot me to death. Now, I’ve only played it a few times now but I get too emotional as I said earlier. Yelling at the tv, stomping my feet and tonight I actually started crying. I don’t know where the heck that came from, but yes, there were tears. :(

This makes me so mad cuz I wanna play the game, as the other parts were fun, but this one spot I can’t get past. So I’m afraid to play again Yes, afraid. I wish I didn’t get so emotional. I mean, I feel like I’m incompetent not being able to finish a part on the easiest settings at towards the beginning of the game. Ugh. Shake my head in shame.