Ick. Flies.

For the past couple of days I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve been working on my Design Site, along with the portfolio to go with it. John and I have also been working on setting up the house. We have been able to get most of the living room set up, bought a rug and started setting up our room. We still have a few boxes out in the living room/computer area and our room, plus tons of boxes still in our one little storage space off the kitchen, but I feel like we are making good progress ;) I can’t wait til we are done! I’m excited to do a video blog showing everyone around our home! :)

It has been getting hot here! We’ve been in the 70s and 80s the last few days, and it’s about to storm right now. I love storms. I missed them a lot when we were up in Alaska because it rarely stormed. We’d get rain sometimes and clouds, but hardly ever did I hear thunder or see lightning. It’s a silly thing to miss, but I’ve always loved storms. And you miss it when it’s gone. I definitely don’t miss the tornado scares of my childhood, though. I grew up in Wisconsin and we’d have tornado warnings all the time! I’m afraid of what we’ll do if we get any in this area, we have no basement and apparently there are no storm shelters on post, so we would have to cram into our little storage space and hope for the best! :O Don’t feel too safe thinking about that!

I made some more cupcakes the other day… I’ve been going back and forth with what I’d like to do as a “side” job to being a stay-at-home mommy. I love the show Cupcake Wars and have been experimenting a bit with making cupcakes… for awhile I was thinking about starting an online cupcake delivery business, for just around the Army base… but I don’t think I have enough experience for that! So, I’ll just keep making cupcakes and experimenting and see what I get! The cupcakes I made the other day were actually from a recipe on the show, and they are so good! We still have some, as John and I are both trying to lose weight so we aren’t indulging… as much :P I’ll probably post the recipe on here at some point for ya’ll, once I get a picture of them.

Ugh, we have flies in the house :( One just somehow flew underneath my pony tail on the back of my head and got stuck in my hair…. eeeck.

Feeling Like a Home

My last post should have been “A Week in Tennessee”. I didn’t realize until we got here that we actually live in TN. The Fort Campbell Army base is located right on the Tennessee/Kentucky border, outside of Clarksville, TN. Although our house is actually located in Tennessee, the Fort Campbell post office is on the Kentucky side, therefore our address is Kentucky… even though we live in Tennessee… Confused yet? :P

Oh, yes, we have a house! :D It is a bit small, it’s a lot smaller than the one we left in Alaska, but we’re dealing with it. We moved in last week, and 2 days ago (Monday) our household goods were delivered. So, now our small house became even smaller as it’s housing dozens of boxes because we have no storage space! No garage OR basement, so yeah… it sucks. But, at least it is feeling more like a home because I can actually cook, we have our TV and internet hooked up, so that makes things a lot better :)

I plan on doing another vlog once we get things set up. I thought it would be cool to try and do a vlog from my iPad so I can take you all through the house and show you everything! Does that sound like something people would even be interested in? I thought it’d be a neat idea…. :?:

Today I took our puppy Maya to the vet as she needed to get registered on post and also the Army requires pets to be microchipped, so she had to get that too. I still need to set up an appointment to get her spayed… she is STILL overpowering Dakota a lot and literally walking on her when Dakota is lying down, and I’m hoping that getting her spayed will tone down her dominance. She’s just over 8 months old now, and Dakota is 3 years :) Both of them will have some adjusting to do! They both have Husky blood in them so they are already feeling the heat! :D

Vlog #1 : A Week in Kentucky

New Goodies

So, in case you were all wondering, we did make it home okay :) I haven’t been around, so I feel like people may have been thinking we crashed and died… or maybe no one cared :P The drive was long, but pretty–it would have been beautiful if everything was green instead of brown, but what can ya do? It was nice not seeing anymore snow!

Easton is now 1 year old! It’s so crazy to think how time has flown over this last year. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home for the first time! I have also realized how BIG he’s gotten! It’s crazy! He’s already about 25 lbs. Doesn’t sound like much until you try carrying it for an extended period of time… like, 5 minutes :P

Yesterday, John and I went to the Apple store down in Madison in hopes of getting an iMac computer… I’ve been wanting one forever and since John’s laptop died a few months ago, it was becoming more of a possibility. We ended up leaving with an iMac and 2 iPads!!! John’s parents internet sucks here at the house, so I’m STILL trying to install the software update that it says I need to, it keeps saying that I’m not connected to the internet when it gets close to done, even though I AM so I’m getting really upset. When it finally DOES install the update, I plan on syncing my iPad and iPhone with the computer via iCloud :) Also, bought Photoshop Elements, as the normal Photoshop is $700 and I don’t want it that much :P I really need to get back to work on my fanlistings though…

Tomorrow is the Day!

That’s right! We are getting on a plane tomorrow morning and leaving this frigid land of Alaska *hopefully* for a very long time! We are taking a short flight down to Seattle, WA, then over the next week we will be driving across to Wisconsin… check my last post if you want to see the details :)

I will try to return comments as soon as I can, but as you can imagine, I’ve been super busy trying to get ready to leave this place! The last few days since we moved out of our apt, we had to clean it, like, PERFECTLY so we don’t get charged by the Army housing people… that took a few days. Today, we have to wash and pack everything and get everything ready since we’ll be leaving at like 6AM tomorrow morning. We also are bring our 2 dogs, Dakota and Maya with us, which means we have to check in at least 1 hour before our flight, which is at 8:45AM. It will be nerve racking to know our babies are under the plane, but it will be nice when we get to Seattle to see them again :D

The lovely Catherine has added a few things to the header of the layout… This currently layout was my “coming out” layout when Easton was born last year. :) Now, that he’s turning 1 I thought it’d be cool to bring it back, but changing a few things :D I still love this layout and I brought it out now, a little early because I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it before his birthday on March 10, since we’ll be busy on our trip.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful February and Leap Year! :P