Vlog #2 : Little Daredevil

Sex Should be Enjoyable!

Okay, so I’ve got everything up and running now, on the new domain :) It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to update the WordPress Themes, so I got them all done in about 1/2 hour :D Please do let me know if you find something wonky with them or with anything else on the site!

Besides working on moving the blog to this subdomain, I’ve been pretty busy with my other sites. Screencap Me desperately needs more caps. I’ve got like 2 disks of Angel that’s been capped and 2 movies done. I still need to weed through all the caps though before I add them to the site! No one wants blurry and dark screen captures! :P Emma’s fansite has been slacking a little bit, but I hope to get back into that over the next few weeks. My fanlisting collective is still slowly moving. Slowly. I’ve averaged about moving 1 fanlisting a day, but with over 40 fanlistings, I need to pick up the pace! :P

In other news, I went to see the doctor this morning. I felt really awful about it because John had to stay home and watch Easton and David while I went. First of all, the hospital here seems very anti-bring-your-baby-into-the-hospital, unless you’re there because they have an appointment. A couple of weeks ago I went in to get some blood work done and when I went in the back after they called my number, the lady’s like “oh, you can’t bring the baby in here!” I’m, like, “uh…?!” Luckily one of the nurses said she’d sit with him, but I’m like REALLY?! I’m sorry I can’t afford day care and I don’t know anyone here so I can’t find a babysitter… it’s ridiculous! Plus, going today, I can’t bring Easton AND David as I have no car seat or stroller for David since I’m just baby sitting him. Ugh. This may be a little bit T.M.I. for some of you, but if I don’t explain I’m sure everyone will be asking… (it involves talking about sex and vaginas lol) So, when I had Easton last March, I got a 3rd degree tear (there’s only 4 degrees) on my perineum… which is the skin between your vagina and anus. Sounds awesome, right? :P Well, since then, John and I have been having issues sometimes when we make love. If he hits that spot too hard or at a certain angle, I feel like I’m being ripped open again and most of the time, there’s even a little bit of blood. I’ve been ignoring it and dealing with it for the most part for over year. For one, I’m embarrassed about it. Two, I was hoping it’d go away after awhile. Well, the other night it happened again and ruined an amazing night. It was also one of the worst times, and there was a little more blood than normal. (Normal is like 3 drops on the toilet paper, we’re not talking gushing) I mean, sex with your husband should be enjoyable, right?! :|

Anyway, when I went in for my yearly exam in April, I brought it up. The doctor said there may be a stitch or a knot that is taking longer to dissolve, and it may be causing the irritations. She checked, but didn’t see anything. We changed my birth control, and I hoped it would help. Guess not. Today, I had a different doctor. She looked (I needed to go today since the cut/tear is still there) and she told me it’s from “friction and moisture”… Uumm… isn’t that the point of intercourse?! :P I honestly don’t know what to do anymore :( She did a test for yeast infection as well, and saw 1 yeast (“Just 1” she said) so she prescribed some cream for that. I doubt it will help with my “tearing” problem, but I guess there’s nothing else they can do :(

New Location

So, I’ve moved Crazy Cordy to a new location. I decided I wanted to turn the main site into a domain collective, since I do own quite a few. I still wanted my blog on crazycordy.net domain because it’s a special domain to me and I probably won’t ever get rid of it. At least not until I leave the web for good, which I hope isn’t for a long time :)

There may be a few things broken still around the site, I need to go through all my pages and edit links and everything, but I wanted to open the site up for everyone :)

Not much else is new… I’m still waking up at 5:30AM every morning to babysit one of John’s soldier’s kids. It’s a pain in the butt, but it’s only for another week or two. July 20 we are heading home to Wisconsin to spend a week with family, then spend the next week at our Bible camp we go to every summer, Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp. It’s an amazing place and I’m so glad John enjoyed it and wants to keep up the tradition in our family :D

[EDIT] Everything should be up and all links should be working. The only thing that isn’t currently working are the WordPress theme download previews. I need to go through them and update links and upload them to this subdomain so people can see a live preview of the theme. The download links are still working, but the layouts still have old links currently. I plan on fixing them this week :) [/EDIT]

5:30 AM

It’s been almost a month since my last post. Oh crap. haha! Well, Life has gotten pretty busy, and I have less time on the computer, but more to do on it! I started babysitting one of John’s soldiers’ kids. His name is David and he’s a couple months younger than Easton, so I basically am having to watch twin toddlers and it isn’t a lot of fun. BUT, they are paying me $300 a month to do it! It’s not a lot of money, but it’s something, and us Army families help each other out. They originally offered $200 but I definitely thought that was too little, but I didn’t want to ask for too much. So, $300/month it is. That’s about $20 a day, so I think it’s fair. The main thing that sucks about it, is him and his wife are both military, so they both have to be at PT (physical training) in the morning at 6AM, which means I have to get up at 5:30AM when they drop him off here. Thankfully, he’s been pretty good about going back to sleep, as Easton usually sleeps til 9AM, I like to keep them relatively on the same schedule.

Last week was the first week of doing this, and it was a tough one. Day 1, Easton was fussing over every little thing, even when nothing was wrong. Day 2, David started doing the same thing. Day 3, they BOTH were whiny as can be, and day 4 finally settled down a little bit. I only had to watch him 4 days last week since Memorial Day gave us a holiday, and therefore, no one had to work :P Today, was a good day too. David didn’t want to go back to sleep this morning, however, I had to basically force him to take his bottle (the only way I’ve gotten him to nap) and then he woke up only about 10-20 minutes before Easton did, around 8AM. Then, they both went for naps at the same time and slept 3 hours!! That’s a record! But, it’s good! Long naps mean they are in better moods in the afternoon lol

Not much more is new… the house is still a mess, dog hair everywhere because the dogs are shedding from the heat, and they both need baths… John finally changed the shower head to the extendable one, so I really don’t have an excuse not to give them baths now…

Web Design & Cupcakes

Ugh. I was so gonna do a vlog yesterday. I showered, put my contacts in, and even did my makeup! :P But, I also wanted to get things done, and I ended up cleaning the compluter room and living room, and most of the kitchen. I sweated a lot and felt like I looked too shitty to have you guys see me :P lol Oh well. Next time.

Not much in the way of news except I still would really like to get some orders in at my Design Site. Word of mouth is essential with this, and I’d appreciate any help you guys can give me! :) I’ve also started a fansite for actress Emma Caulfield. I know her best from her role as Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she’s been in some interesting stuff since then! I’ve been spending most of my days lately taking screencaps from her various shows/movies and putting them on the site. Check it out! Emma Caulfield Fan.

I think today should be a “look at my cute little baby boy” day. Here are some videos I’ve taken recently of him :)