Another Shopping Weekend

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, everyone! :D I did find a useful tutorial thanks to Georgina to help with the permalinks issue, and found a plugin for a backup for WordPress. Hopefully that’ll help out if I ever need to start over again!

I decided I do want to re-do my site, making it all based upon WordPress. I think it will help my site be more organized (even though I JUST re-organized everything into separate pages rather than php stuff all on one long page in the coding) and it will make it much simpler when it comes to changing themes and stuff like that. :) It might be awhile until I’m fully done with that though, as I have to copy/paste my info and edit some stuff so the links will all work correctly and make sure contact info is correct on every page and etc and etc. You know the drill. :p

John and I both got paid this weekend so we spent lots and lots of our paychecks on stuff today. We bought a bunch of food, about $150 at Sam’s Club, and around $250 at American Eagle. lol. BUUUUUT…. I work there and got discounts, so we got A LOT of stuff for that price! That was basically my whole paycheck, plus some lingerie I got at Torrid. I had never been there before, but I was told that they had nice stuff for larger girls (Large up to 4XL sizes) so I checked it out. I was sad cuz the one piece of lingerie I found that I wanted the most was a little too big and they didn’t have any more smaller ones :( But I got something else instead and will surprise the hubby sometime :cheerful:

Also, one of my friends from college messaged me on facebook the other day asking for some help with a blog. She just had a baby and just started WeightWatchers because she is very motivated to lose some weight. She wants to blog about her progress as it will give her some accountability. Anyway, she was a blogspot and I told her I would totally host her and help her out! So, it’s not perfect yet as she is still learning and messing around, but it would be cool if you could stop by and pay her a visit! Her blog is :)

Again, thanks for the comments/suggestions on the last post. I will return comments soon! :D

New Beginnings…

Woohoo do I love starting over. What about you? So, yeah, I don’t remember what exactly I was trying to do with wordpress when I started, but I ended up having to re-install it again and start over again :( But, hopefully it’ll be the last time. I think I was originally trying to get “pretty” URLS instead of the ugly ?p=738 crap, but I can’t seem to get it to work and I’m not starting over again. I’m not sure how to backup my posts and comments and stuff…. anyone know how? And like to tell me? :cheerful:

I also put up a new layout :D And I’m working on editing all the pages to make them look a lot better. Sorry if it looks a little wanky for a while… I was using Maintenance mode before I re-installed and everything was fine, but after I re-installed, I can’t see my pages anymore and it keeps bumping me back to maintenance page even though I’m totally logged in in another tab, just like I was earlier when it was working. Soooo…. taking Maintenance mode down for now and working little by little. The big parts (all the theme stuff) I got done, so just maybe a few pages will look a little funny for a little bit til I finish :D

Hopefully everything else is good. I installed what feels like a thousand plugins today, but I think it’ll be worth it :D My twitter updates looks better and I’m going to be adding a few new things, like the plugins I use and stuff like that. Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome and appreciated. :D

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