Long, Yet Fun Weekend

Wow. It’s been awhile since I last blogged. But, I’ve been busy! Both my friends from the midwest are here visiting and we just got back from our awesome trip to Denali and Anchorage. We picked up my friend Kelsea from the airport on Thursday night, then left directly from there to Denali. We got there around midnight and set up camp and went to sleep. Friday we went white water rafting and it was amazing! It was raining when we first got there, so that kinda sucked. And then putting on my wetsuit, I accidentally put my arm through the head whole and it ripped. So, we had to wait for the people to drive back and get a new suit for me and then we finally went into the rafts. I will try to add more pics later, but click here to see what I’ve put up so far. :D

Saturday we drove into Denali, hoping to see Mt. McKinley, but alas, we are part of the 70% that come to see it and can’t because it’s too cloudy :( We still saw some awesome views of the mountains so that made up for everything else. We spent way too much money but we had a lot of fun. Saturday night we drove down to Anchorage and went to Ft. Richardson army base to set up camp there. We then drove around to the air force base and got lost. It was really fun though! lol Sunday we were all WAY cranky and people wanted to go home. John and I were thinking we needed to do something in Anchorage to make the trip worth while otherwise it was a complete waste of money and gas. We went to the Alaska Zoo and it was pretty cool to see some native Alaskan animals that we wouldn’t really see in the wild. Melissa got one of the foxes to follow her in a circle around its cage while she ran around it. It was sooooo cute.

We got back late last night and headed to sleep. I’m super excited though because Melissa is seriously thinking about moving up here around February next year when John gets deployed so I don’t have to be alone. She’s also joining the Navy at some point, so she said she’ll probably stay here til she goes for that. And Kelsea said she is going to come up in March for her birthday so it’ll be awesome to have my friends up here again. I think I’m starting a trend! haha It is really beautiful up here in the summer and I think anyone that visits would probably want to stay (unless they come in the winter!) ;)

We’re WAY Up North…

So my friend Melissa from back home (Wisconsin) is up here in Alaska visiting me for 3 weeks :cheerful: She got in yesterday and also my friend Kelsea is visiting for a week, coming up here the 1st of July. I’m so excited! This weekend we are going to the hot springs up here. I think it costs ridiculous prices but I’ve never been to any kind of hot springs so I’m pretty excited to go. Also, we are going with some friends to go shooting. I don’t know the actual terms or anything but it involves a shotgun and some clay discs or something like that. I think it’ll be fun.

Over the weekend of the 4th of July all of us plus a few friends are going to drive down to Denali State Park and camp there for a few nights and then down to Anchorage for a few nights as well. We’re camping in Denali for two nights and then shopping in Anchorage for the other two nights. I’m really excited cuz I’ve never been down to Denali and been able to see the mountains and I’ve never been to Anchorage. While we’re there I’ll be able to see the Pacific Ocean which will be awesome as I’ve never seen ANY ocean :(

Anyway, that’s all the updates for now. My husband, Melissa and I are about to play a game of UpWords.

New Kitten

As I’ve said in other posts, I have two friends coming to visit me this summer :D Well, one of my friends is coming in next week and she was supposed to be bringing my cat, Beast, with her. Well, she had called the airlines and they said it was going to be $125 to add the cat as a carry-on. Okay, cool. I sent her the money so she could go do it. She calls me back saying that now the airlines are saying it all depends on weight and this and that and it’s going to be over $400 to do it. Fuck. I get all depressed and seriously was bawling in my bed Tuesday morning when all this went down. Told John about it and he reassured me we could bring him up in December when we go home for the holidays. And in the meantime, do you want another cat? What?! Heck yes I do! So, we went to the pound, which is where we got our dog, and the only cats they had that were young enough (under 5 years old) didn’t get along with other animals, so they’re obviously a no (as we have a zoo at our house) lol We decide we’ll look on craigslist and see what’s available. Well, I find one that has a few kittens, so I emailed her. I go back to the front page and BOOM there’s a new post for $25 kittens. We immediately call and head over to their house. They had two litters of kittens, 8 and 10 weeks old. We picked out one that we named Simba and he is a Himalayan breed.

Isn’t he adorable!!!!!?????? :cheerful: He is very sweet and loves to cuddle (almost too much!). He and our dog Dakota aren’t getting along that great, but it’s just a matter of time. Dakota definitely recognizes the fact that Simba’s got claws and they hurt lol

Oh, by the way, when my friend was sending the money back to me yesterday, the stupid agent lady sent the money to AR instead of AK. AR being Arkansas and AK be Alaska. And my friend said the word Alaska like 5 times so this lady was either retarded or just trying to piss me off. Guess what? It worked! I wanted to call down there and bitch to a manager and be like, you should fire this lady cuz my friend said she was rude to her and she sent my money to ARKANSAS!!!! :angry:

Also, John has duty tonight, and if you don’t know what that means, it means he works from 9AM today until 9AM tomorrow. Yep, that’s right, 24 hours straight. Of work. So, I’m bringing him dinner tonight and then also bringing him the computer so he can play some games and watch some movies rather than just sitting there bored. oh, and I bought him 4 energy drinks and two 2 liters of mountain dew to keep him awake tonight. Then I get to pick him up in the morning. I will miss him tonight :(

I also want to recognize that today is the anniversary of the day that my bestfriend died in a tragic car accident, 12 years ago in 1998. We were only 12 years old, but we would have been friends for life. I miss you Jerika, so much! Keep taking care of my Dusty! :D Oh, and I’ll try return comments tomorrow, hopefully! :)

Noise Complaints? Really?

So these days have been pretty busy but kinda boring at the same time. I’ve been working a lot–not a lot of hours at a time, just a lot of days–and pretty much nothing else. My husband is a big fan of the game Call of Duty and plays that almost everyday. He thought I would be good at it since I also enjoy a game that is pretty gun-happy, Tomb Raider. I decided to try it out. Well, my first few games pissed me off so much I didn’t really want to try again. John told me to do the campaign first, since it’ll get me used to the controls and stuff. So I did that. I got to I think it’s the third mission and I got stuck at a spot that I kept dying and running out of ammo. I got stuck with retarded guns because I had accidentally picked one up when I was trying to reload my current weapon and I’m on the easiest setting. So, as you can probably guess, it pissed me off and I really didn’t want to ever play again. John got past that part for me, but I’m afraid to start again on the campaign. I have played online a few more times, John was playing with a couple of his friends last night and then I signed in to play once he was done and had them invite me to play. I have to unlock the Hardcore mode they play in (which I do better at, ironic right?) and I did pretty decent. My highest kills I’ve got are 5. Kinda bad, but I played again today in just the regular mode and got 4 :D A lot of deaths though. One game I was 4 and 8. I think that’s the best I’ve done lol

Yesterday I got a call from the housing people in our area and apparently we had a noise complain filed because of our surround sound. :confused: We have 2 families on either side of us, and the neighbors we get along with (we share a back porch area with them) said they never hear our TV unless they go outside and our backdoor is open. Our TV is in the middle of our living room, not next to any wall and only one of the surround speakers are close to the other wall. I know it had to have been from the other neighbors cuz they’ve come over and knocked on our door asking us to turn it down. And we do. But, it’s getting kinda ridiculous when it’s on the weekend at 2 in the afternoon and they ask us to turn it down. Really? They say it’s cuz their baby is trying to sleep. Well, sometimes I’ve heard their TV over ours, and I’ve been tempted to be like, “hey, my dog is trying to sleep, can you turn your TV down?” And that’s during the week when I’ve heard theirs! On the weekends, we should be able to do what we want (within reason, of course) but I think it’s kinda ridiculous that we can’t even enjoy our surround sound on the weekends. Come on.

Oh, and I just started putting together this puzzle a couple days ago. I think it took me 3 or 4 days. I’m really proud cuz I don’t really remember ever doing a big puzzle like this (550 pieces) and I did it mostly by myself. John put 1 piece in, and I scolded him for it lol He said he saw one at Wal Mart that he’s gonna get for me this weekend on payday. I want to start doing puzzles more often and we’re going to get frames for them too. So, I will be trying to stick to the big cat puzzles and maybe some wolves and eagles because I love big cats and John likes wolves and eagles. :cheerful: Site-wise, I am working on some WordPress themes to offer for download. I won’t be posting the page until I get a few… I don’t like only offering like 1 or 2–not a big selection. But look for those soon and some more recipes! I did one the other night but forgot to take pictures, so I will try to do it again soon! lol It was some teriyaki chicken that was AMAZING!

Happy June!

So i’m a little late, but who cares? First blog in June, so there ya go! haha. So, not really much has happened to me lately. I’ve been working a lot (today being my only day off this week) and that’s pretty much it! lol. I’ve found a home for one of the baby rabbits! :D One of my managers at American Eagle really wants a rabbit (so do her teenaged daughters) but she was like “If I had a house I would totally take one!” She is going home Saturday (to Michigan) to visit friends and family for about a month until she comes back up here to Alaska. I asked if she’d have a house when she got back and she’s like “yeah!” So I told her I’d hold on to her bunny for her and she can have it when she gets back :) So now we just need to find a home for the other one! We’re keeping the black one so we need to name her. Yeah, found out they are all girls :cheerful:

Also, I was getting kinda paranoid the last 2 weeks because my period was 2 weeks late BUT the three pregnancy tests I took all came back negative. John and I are wanting kids, but I just got a job and not really wanting one RIGHT NOW you know? But, I did finally get my monthly present from mother nature :p Girls at work we saying how everyone (that works there) were having weird periods because we’re all syncing up. Awesome. :p

I’m really wanting to update the site, either adding more resources, tutorials or different sections in general. I was thinking about maybe adding recipes–is that something you might like to see? I don’t want to do it if there’s no interest. I just really like cooking and would like to share some stuff if people are wanting to know :D

Anyway, I think that’s it for now. I did finally change all my pages to WordPress pages, so it’s all nice and organized, I’m just not sure how I like having to update two pages when I update a page (i.e. 100 movie challenge AND webmiss to change the updated date). Oh well. I’ll get over it lol Another plug for my friend’s site, check it out : http://sinda.crazy-cordy.net

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