Getting in the Holiday Spirit

**EDIT** So, yeah I changed the theme today. Tired of the plain fall colors one but not quite ready for the Christmas one, so here ya go! **/EDIT**

Baby shower is today! I’m just waiting a little bit longer to go get one of my work friends and then we’ll be heading to April’s to set up!! :) I just wanted to blog quick, so I’ll return comments later!!!!

So I’m sitting here in the living room watching my husband put up Christmas lights. How I LOVE Christmas time! I made a Christmas theme for the site and I am killing myself by not putting it up! But, I feel that Christmas stuff should be put on hold until after Thanksgiving. Except Christmas shopping. Shopping you can do whenever! :p

Which is one reason why yes, John is putting up our lights but we won’t be turning them on til after Thanksgiving. Hey, I’m not going to go outside when it’s -20 degrees outside just to wait til after Thanksgiving to put up lights! We are waiting until the day after to put up our tree though. And John has tons of little houses that he will get to put up for the first time ever! :D He’s been living in the barracks until now! And last Christmas we were at home in WI and this is our first Christmas in our own place :cheerful:

Last Two Weeks

Hey all. I know I’ve been not really around once again. Not much to talk about though! Well, I’ll try to update you all on everything going on!

My baby shower is this weekend :D I’m not sure who will all be there, as not many people have confirmed whether or not they’re coming or not. It’s kind of frustrating. I made an Event on facebook, then I messaged people twice, and today I wrote on everyone’s wall saying that they NEED to let me know if they’re coming or not! I mean, we need to know how many plates and shit to buy! Themed stuff like that is expensive!! That finally got most of them to respond, and I also texted the people I have numbers for. I also gave John the task of tallying up the people he invited from work so we’ll see if he did that when he gets home.

Yeah, he’s still at work :( They are all getting ready for deployment soon :cry: I’m starting to get really nervous about the whole baby thing. It didn’t really hit me until a friend from home in WI asked how I felt about basically having to raise this baby all by myself for the first year. :worried: Considering John is going to be here for only up to 10 days after Easton’s birth and then maybe 2 weeks during the summer for his R&R, that isn’t much time for joint-parenting in his first year. I just keep trying to tell myself I have friends up here who can help and I will have to get out and not sit at home all the time. I did put in my two weeks notice at work, my last day at American Eagle will be November 27th. I’m hoping to work it out though that maybe next summer after I’ve had a few months with the baby, that I can find someone to watch him on weekends and I can work then. It will give me a nice break and bring in some extra $$$. :cheerful:

Not much of an update on the baby stuff, sorry guys. I had my last appointment on the 10th, which basically sucked. The first appointment we didn’t get an ultrasound, but we did get to hear his heartbeat :) 160 bpm which is good. Then, I had to get some more blood work done, so I got to get stuck in the arm again. My next appointment is set for December 7th and the 6th I’ll be going in to do a one-hour glucose test again. Hopefully my sugar level isn’t high like last time so I don’t have to do the 3-hour one again. I almost threw up during that one! If you don’t know what the glucose test entails, it’s basically this:

  • You drink this super sugary drink. The ones we have are orange flavored and are way too cold so it kinda gives you a brainfreeze and you only have a couple minutes to get it down.
  • Sit for an hour.
  • After your hour is up, you go and get some more blood taken. They test it to see how fast your body is processing the sugar.

The 3-hour test is a bit harder on your body. You have to fast for 12 hours (so basically don’t eat anything after dinner the night before and go in first thing in the morning). They take your blood when you get there to see where your sugar was before the drink. You drink the drink and sit for 3 hours. You get your blood taken every hour. When I did the 3-hour test, I had a total of 4 or 5 marks in my arms and during my second hour waiting, I almost puked because of having an empty stomach then a whole bunch of sugar. And morning sickness doesn’t help! Then when she took my blood after the 3rd hour, I almost fainted and had to lay in the room with a wet towel on my forehead for about 10 minutes. It sucked.

Anyway, I think I rambled on enough for one post. haha I’m really excited for the Christmas season! I’m thinking of ideas for a new theme for the blog and maybe some more WordPress themes for download? Sounds good! Until next time, I hope you are all doing well!

Happy November

So, Halloween came and went and it was a fun night. I had to work until 4, which wasn’t bad but I was tired. Then, John and I watched some Buffy while waiting for Trick-or-Treaters and then continued to clean the living room. I gotta say, it takes A LOT to clean an entire house. Even taking it one room each day! But, it really needs to be done cuz I’ve been too busy working almost everyday and I can’t expect John to pick up my slack on his weekends. But, I changed my availability at work so I have at least 3 days off each week which will hopefully give me more time to get back into the routine of cleaning more steadily (rather than taking on the whole house in a week!) and cooking more exciting dinners :p

I’m also really wanting to update in the resources section, so please give me some ideas, guys! What would you like to see? The only thing I can’t do right now is recipes cuz my camera is broken and John hasn’t been able to find his for months so I can’t take any pictures of foods! :(

I’m also planning on adding some pictures soon of the ultrasounds we’ve had so far :cheerful:

Well, today’s the first day off in a line of 4 and I think I really should try to get something done!

It’s a Boy!

Yep. That’s right. John and I found out yesterday that the baby growing inside of me has a penis. :D I’m pretty excited because we had talked about wanting a boy first and I’ve been having dreams of it being a boy and I’m glad I was right! I’ve also been MIA again and I’m sorry about that. But I will not make any promises that I’ll be better. Cuz I’ve sucked at it and I’m not sure if I will get better at it :(

Anyway, not much news since the last post besides us finding out the gender of the baby. His name is going to be Easton James and as far as we know, the due date is still March 8th. :cheerful: I’m still working at American Eagle and we spent way too much money there this month because we just got a bunch of our winter stuff in and associates get 50% off for the first week (rather than our normal 40% off discount) so it was nice buying two sweaters for the price of one! ;)

Also as you can see, new layout! I really wanted to do something Halloween-related and I’m sorry it kinda sucks but it’s the best I could do with one day off of work in a row lol

16 Weeks Down

Wow have I been MIA!! So sorry! I haven’t even been that busy, I’ve just had no motivation to get online and update the site or keep in touch with my affiliates and friends and I really apologize guys!

I do want to let everyone know that so far the pregnancy has been going good :D I haven’t had many symptoms other than being tired all the time no matter how much I sleep (at least I still CAN sleep so far!) and a little nausea now and then. I did throw up once the other day after trying to eat something, but then felt much better and I was able to finish my meal! lol Also, found out my 3-hour glucose test came back normal so at least for now, I’m not get gestational diabetes so that kinda took a load off my shoulder! Also, I’ve been pretty steady with my weight staying the same, since I’m quite overweight already my nurse told me to try and keep my weight gain from the pregnancy around 15lbs. Which is gonna be hard these next few months when I actually start showing!

THANK YOU to those who have generously donated some money towards John’s and my trip home! I need some help coming up with ideas to show thank you rather than just saying it. I want to do a 3-month free advertising on my site but also am wondering what you guys would like maybe, graphic-wise? Or what you think might be a good motivation to maybe give a small amount even? If you haven’t been here lately, I am asking for donations to go toward my husband and my “Going Home Fund”. We found out it’s going to cost us just under $2,000 to get home for Christmas this year and we are not going to be able to do it alone. If you can give something, even if it’s only $5, it will help and I’ll be so very grateful!

Okay guys, I’m going to try and be better at this being around thing :p