Day 1: Intro, Recent Pic, 15 Facts

So, day one of the 30 day challenge. I guess I have to introduce myself? Well, hi, my name is Courtney Wood. I am currently 24-years-old, 6 months pregnant, married to an amazing man named Johnathan who is in the US Army, and running out of things to say. lol I never know what to say about myself. Um… I am originally from a small town in Wisconsin now living in the arctic of Alaska for that is where my husband is stationed for the time being. I love my green eyes[1. that sometimes look blue!] but not really loving my natural hair color. Thinking about getting it re-permed after I have the baby. And re-highlighted. Not sure. Is that enough of introduction?

The most recent picture of myself.

15 Interesting Facts…

01. I love animals, especially big cats.
02. I wear contacts/glasses.
03. I know how to drive in winter weather conditions.[2. Not many people do, I’d think living in Alaska, being able to drive in snow would be a prerequisite? It’d help if they plowed the roads!]
04. I am very picky on what kind of dogs I like.[3. Pretty much only huskies and german shepherds]
05. I love to bake.
06. Twilight and Harry Potter are a part of my life.
07. I love Christmas time.
08. I can play many instruments including clarinet, flute, oboe, violin, and a little piano.
09. I love bible camp.
10. I can count to 1,000 in Spanish and probably higher.
11. I hate stairs.[4. You will too if you are ever pregnant.]
12. I’m terribly afraid of bees.
13. I’d eat cereal forever if I could.
14. I want a Wii just so I can play Mario games.
15. Blue is my favorite color.

Okay, so many of those were kinda lame. Oh well. Day 1=done! :)

30 Day Challenge

So since a new month is starting I decided that I would start one of these 30 day challenges I’ve seen around the net. Today is the day before the official challenge starts, which is The 30 Day Challenge Explanation and Description. So, starting tomorrow each day there will be one or two specific things I will be blogging about.

I’m hoping I can stick with this and finish the whole challenge. Until tomorrow, I guess I will say goodnight! :)

‘Tis the Season

Who went shopping on Black Friday?? At American Eagle we called it “green friday” and I’m not sure why. lol I had to work early and we didn’t get paid until today so I didn’t get to do any shopping. Oh well. I have yet to shop on a Black Friday anyway I guess it can wait til at least next year! :p Oh! And, finally put up the Christmas theme! Ya like?

So I just took off my wedding band, engagement ring, and my promise ring. :( My fingers are starting to get swollen from the pregnancy and I figure I should take them off now while I still can with a little pain rather than waiting until it will hurt like hell. Or start cutting off my circulation! I don’t know how swollen they’ll get and I’d rather not take the chance of having to get them cut off. [1. the rings, not my fingers!]

John and I just finished our Christmas shopping. At least for our family back home. The only person I have left to shop for is my mom and I already know what I’m getting her I just need to do it! Oh, and I gotta get John stuff and he still has to get me some stuff but for our family we’re done so soon I can start putting all the stuff in boxes and ship them home. Gonna be expensive!

When do you think is a good time to get started on Christmas shopping? What about putting up decorations? (if your family does)

Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving! Man, today seemed long and stressful, but it wasn’t really! This year was John and my first Thanksgiving together, as last year he was up here in Alaska and I was back in Wisconsin. It was also my first Thanksgiving away from the rest of my family, and the first time I would be making the meal :D It was a blast!!!

First time making a turkey, and it was yummy. I also made a corn casserole thing that I’ve made before, green bean casserole, and homemade mashed potatoes. Made John mash them though :p We had a total of 6 people eating and we still have some leftovers!!! I got a little nauseous during dinner, so I didn’t get to pig out like normal but it was still a good meal and I got to enjoy it :)

So I gotta work tomorrow at 6:45am which really sucks but I get done at just 11am so I’ll still have some time to do some shopping (maybe, we’re kinda broke til Monday lol) and then come home and help John put up the Christmas tree and his little houses. Then I work Saturday and I’m done! We also just found out John is most likely going to some school next week and he’ll be gone til the 17th of December! Thankfully our anniversary is the 19th so he’ll be back for that but he’ll be gone for his birthday which is the 13th. :(

Anyway, that’s it for the quick update. I hope everyone had a great turkey day and have a great weekend!

Road Conditions: Black?

Oh yeah, that’s right. Up here in Alaska in the Fairbanks/Fort Wainwright area the road conditions are BLACK. We’ve been having freezing rain since last night and will be going and going until sometime in the middle of tonight. Black road conditions (on the army base anyway) means that no one is allowed to drive around the base. Only emergency vehicles are permitted if at all possible. Obviously if you have an emergency and can’t wait for an ambulance you can drive to the hospital, but you might get stopped by the police anyway on the way there. Kinda crazy! I liked it this morning when John came back to bed and said “Well, baby, you’re stuck with me all day.” :cheerful: So now he got a 3-day weekend, he works tomorrow and Wednesday, and then gets a 4-day weekend because of Thanksgiving. Lucky ass. lol

Also, I only have 3 shifts left at American Eagle!!! :cry: :D Yes, I’m both sad and happy about that. Sad because I love working there (most days lol) and I love the 40% discount on clothes that I get, and I will miss most of the people that I work with. And I’m also a little worried I’m going to get too bored not working at all. I’m happy though because it will give me more time to focus on taking care of my pregnant body and staying off my feet for too long.

If you’re curious as to why I changed the layout, I did it because I was sick of the other one but it’s too early for my Christmas layout so I came up with this yesterday. Pretty fast so it’s not too great.