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Wow I’m not even sure where to start. Let’s back up to the beginning.

When I first started getting interested in webdesign, it was towards the middle of high school when I was interested in Buffy. I created fansites on geocities for the show itself, and one for the relationship between Angel and Buffy. It kinda sucked but I learned a lot about HTML considering I had no idea what it was and I looked at the coding of my site when I tried editing it and also looked at other people’s website to understand what coding meant what and what coding did what to the look of pages. After a while I created my own personal site within the fansites, but decided I wanted to get a domain that was my own.

When I first decided to buy my own domain and have a personal site, I think the hosting site I used was or something like that. It was around $100 a year and the domain I bought was I had chosen that because I really liked the band Evanescence at the time and picked a song title. After the year was up, I was sick of the name and decided on instead. I like the color blue and love the sky, so I thought that would be cooler because it wasn’t a song lyric and hopefully I wouldn’t get sick of it.

I started college and started wasting my “study” time by doing stuff on my website. I had canceled my domain on because I hadn’t been able to afford to keep it up. I found a decent host (where I am hosted now) that was pretty cheap so I decided to try my luck. I bought which was also a song name, but it was by a Christian band with an amazing story/message with the song so I decided I wouldn’t get sick of it. I didn’t get sick of it, in fact I kept it for two years, with my same host Ashley who had been so helpful and awesome with any problems I’ve come to her with. But, after the two years I had graduated from college, was working two part-time jobs at minimum wage and living on my own so I couldn’t afford my time or money to my site. It was sad but I abandoned the site, hoping I’d come back, but thinking I probably wouldn’t. Well, if you read the top paragraph, you know that I did come back! I wanted the same site name once again, but it wasn’t available so I wanted something that was more personal to me and that I wouldn’t get sick of once again.

Well, coming close to the expiration of the domain in March of 2011, I tried contacting my host, Ashley. We’d had been having server problems for months and I really was getting sick of it! I decided I wanted to add-on my domain to my collective domain I had just got with Georgina at her hosting site. Well, Ashley hadn’t responded to emails I sent over these months and I was getting sick of waiting. Since our baby is due in March, I really didn’t want to get stressed out about the site while dealing with a newborn baby too! So, I decided to just get a new domain, luckily I could get the same name, just without the hyphen in the middle! Georgina was amazing and I’ve never heard anything bad about her or her services.

During August, however, her host, HoldFire started having some issues. Our sites went down with no explanation. No twitter posts or emails sent out. Nothing. When the servers finally came back up, we STILL didn’t hear anything. I asked Georgina if it’d be okay if I switched off her hosting. Nothing was her fault, I was just sick of HoldFire. Now, my friend Chrisie is hosting me and my many domains. Shortly after I left Georgie, she took her hosting site to a new host as well :)

Update: Now, the last time I’ve changed domains (and hopefully the last time ever!) was because my fanlistings domain was going to expire (as well as which was used for my design site), and if you know anything about .nu domains, you know they’re expensive! I decided I wanted to condense all my domains into one domain and put my different sites on subdomains instead. I decided to grab another .nu domain because it would actually end up being cheaper than having 3 .net domains anyway. I decided to go with, setting up a subdomain for my blog as, my fanlistings at, and my design site at I also have an icon archive at but I haven’t had time to make icons lately. I really like having my sites set up like this, and I hope in 2 years when is about to expire I can afford to renew it! ;)

Previous URLs


Site Name

If you read my previous URLs of my websites, you would have seen that 2 of them were to be related to a band or artist’s song. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I really wanted something new. Something I wouldn’t outgrow or get sick of.

Well, the name crazy cordy comes from kind of an inside joke between myself and a friend from high school. We had been really obsessed with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and had made up little Buffy-type nicknames for ourselves. I was “crazy cordy”, the name Cordy coming from one of the characters from the show, Cordelia. Cordy fit me too because some friends called me Court and some Courtie, so just change the “t” sound to a “d” sound and there ya go! Oh, and if you’re interested, my friend is Super Spike. haha. (cuz her name is Steph) We still use the names when we go bowling =p