Crazy Times!

Hey all. Sorry with the lack of blogging. John and I have been working on moving into our new place :D This is the story (I’ll try to make it short!), we live(d) on 600th st which is like 2-3 blocks from the main gate on the army post. Well, housing decided that they are going to demolish the housing buildings that we live in along with the ones around us. So, they have to move us all. Well, this isn’t going to be taking place til November most likely and we are leaving Alaska in the spring. We asked if we could move early, and they allowed us too, but we had to forfeit help from housing (to move our crap) and the $700 or so that we could use to move ourselves. Well, John has a broken finger and we don’t really have babysitters so these last couple days have been rough. Housing only gives you 5 days to move out and the old place has to be very clean. Anything that’s wrong with the place, we get charged for! Well, today is our last day to finish as they are inspecting at 4PM. It’s 11:20AM now and I’ve got everything done but cleaning out the fridge (which will probably take 1/2 hour) and then sweeping/mopping the entry. Then we’re done! It’s been very stressful but I’m so glad we are almost done. Then comes the long and rough task of UNpacking at the new place…. which is only about 1 mile from the old one…. Oh, and we get our new puppy in a couple days! :D I’ll post pics when we get her!

Updates on Server Move

Well I finished moving everything over to the new server :D I’m very happy about that! It took quite a while, but it was nice as I exported all my sql files so I just needed to update the mysql database infos on everything which wasn’t too bad. The only thing that wasn’t cool and I’m really confused about, is my Codesort images. For some reason ALL my 75×50 and 88×31 codes and most of my donated codes didn’t transfer over so I had to re-upload them all. I have no idea why, it was weird! Luckily, the rest of them had transferred, otherwise I would have had to re-upload over 3,000 codes! NO. THANK. YOU. My fanlisting collective is located here if anyone would like to join some? :)

I also was given a domain by someone from TFL that I decided to use for my icon hub. All the icons I have made and will make in the future are located there. For any Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans, those related fanlistings and icons are located at

In other news, Easton has been trying to crawl! I posted a video on Facebook last night that we took of him trying… he was pushing with his legs but wasn’t going anywhere yet… it was so cute though! Also, we have started feeding him some baby carrots every other day or so for one feeding and he’s been doing great with that :D I put a few new pictures up on his page if anyone wants to check that out :)


The move is complete!  Well, for anyway… I still am in the process of transferring all my fanlistings (oh the fun) which will probably take me a few days… :-?

Also, today I had my orientation at American Eagle as I’m going back to work! I am a re-hire since I worked there last summer and so I’m getting paid more than other people are since I have the experience and everything :D I’m excited to get started and make some extra monies!

Moving Down Post

So, John and I got back from our Wisconsin vacation late last Wednesday night. Well, on Friday at work, John found out that while we were gone, the Army housing people decided that they were going to demolish the housing in our area. Including our housing. They are planning on demolishing in January (I really don’t know why they are going to do it in winter in Alaska…) and they are moving everyone in October.

John re-inlisted right before we left so he’ll be in for at least 5 more years, although he’s planning on a 20-year career so he has like 13 left I think. Well, anyway, we are actually leaving Alaska in the spring (about March time) for Kentucky because that’s where we are stationed next. He asked housing if we could move next month instead of waiting til October. They said we could do that, but if we move early we don’t get the $700 the Army pays for it. (because there’s a small window when the Army will actually pay-out… cheap bastards lol) Well, I asked John if we needed the money for the move. “No.” Well, then we don’t necessarily need it! It would be nice to have the extra money, but I’d rather move in early and be there for a little longer before we have to move AGAIN, you know?

So, starting this week I want to start working on getting some non-essential things packed up to make it a little easier when the time comes. I really don’t want to be rushed!

Vacation? Check!

So, John, Easton and I have been home for almost a month now… Well, home in Wisconsin that is. And you know what? I am so ready to be back in Alaska! I am missing my bed, my puppy, my free time to be online, and Easton’s swing. Yes, his swing. Whenever he is being “clingy” and won’t let me put him down without screaming at me, I usually would put him in his swing… well, we obviously couldn’t bring that with us so it’s been a little hellish without it. Also, the bed that we have been sleeping on is smaller than our queen bed back home and MUCH less comfortable… I miss my super pillow top! :D

Also, I am wanting to spend much more time on this site. It’s been way neglected since I got back into fanlistings and I’m kind of upset about that. I miss having a place to talk about what’s going on rather than just talk to John and the few “real-life” friends I have to talk to. I miss the community I guess, and I miss not having time to read other people’s blogs! :( Once we are back in Alaska (which, we actually leave tomorrow night) I plan on making a spanking new layout along with *hopefully* new content. I’ve been contemplating with getting rid of and just adding my blog as a subdomain on my collective, which is where I spend most of my time… not sure what to do…