Movin’ On Up

So, I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and I feel really bad about it. Not because I’m worried about my readers, cuz honestly, I don’t think many people even know I’m here Mostly because, I haven’t promoted my blog AT ALL and I haven’t been posting!

Well, we are currently getting towards the back end of our move from the Tennessee/Kentucky border back home to Wisconsin! John went to recruiter school in June and is now officially an Army recruiter and will be working out of Madison! We were a bit sad we didn’t get Baraboo, which would have meant we’d be much closer to our family and friends, BUT we are still much closer than we have been since we’ve been married. A week from today we are closing on a house a mere 10 minutes from one of the malls in Madison, and we are first time home-owners! I am so excited to move in… We’ve been staying the majority of the time with John’s mom, which is amazing and everything, but I want my own space back, ya know? I always feel like a guest here, and to be honest, the internet service here sucks compared to what I’m used to… and not sure if it’s my iMac or her wifi, but it cuts out A LOT and I have to re-connect to it constantly.

I will be posting pictures once we move in and everything, I’ll most likely take some pictures the day we close as well so I can do “before” and “after” pictures too. I can’t wait!!

Where Have You Been?

Wow, it’s been awhile, huh? Where have I been? Oh, I’ve been here, and there, and down the street for awhile. 8) For awhile there I wasn’t blogging because I really didn’t have anything to say. And, also, I’ve been so busy with running my other websites, I didn’t want to try and find time to visit other people’s blogs, and you know what? I feel really bad about that! I miss my online peeps, and I miss visiting blogs! *Note to self: MUST. DO. BETTER.*

Today, I just bought The Band Perry’s new CD called Pioneer. You can buy it here. If you also want to buy it before the 6th, use promo code THEBANDPERRYSAVE2 to get $2 off. Totally worth it. They’re my favorite band :love:

So, I’ve been sitting around for the past 3 weeks all by my lonesome. Except Easton, I mean, where is a 2-year-old gonna go? Oh, yeah! Easton had his 2-year birthday on March 10 :D It is insanely crazy how much time flies by! He is so smart too! He’s already counting to 10 by himself and knows most of the alphabet in order :D His grandma got him a Leap Frog computer thing for Christmas and he can point out just about every single letter if you ask him to! Am I being a braggy momma? TOO BAD! :p I’m so proud of my little genius!

Oh, and like I said, by my lonesome because John has been in Virgina for a class[1. He needs this class to be eligible for promotion.] since March 11. :( He gets back on April 11, which I’m glad is coming up soon, but then he’s only here for 3 days then he goes into the field[2. The “field” means they pack up all their Army gear, go out into the woods and pretend they are deployed. It’s what they do to get ready for deployment. John like to say they go “play Army”.] for 2 weeks and CAN’T HAVE HIS PHONE. :cry: :cry: :cry: How lame is that? His unit is most likely not even deploying, so they’re going to be sitting in the field doing absolutely nothing. I hate the Army sometimes.

Let’s Get Right to the Point

This week has not been a good one. Early Sunday morning Easton woke up throwing up :( Monday was better, but the diarrhea started. Tuesday he was puking again so John and I took him to the ER early that morning before John went to work. The doctor told us there was a 24-hour bug going around and gave us some anti-nausea medication for Easton. The rest of that day was better, but the diarrhea has continued. Then this morning he woke up at 4 and at 7 puking once again :cry: I called the hospital and made an actual appointment for him, and that doctor said she thinks his stomach just got upset by what he was eating. Since we hadn’t gradually gone back to “normal” food. He’s been sleeping A LOT today and still has the diarrhea but he hasn’t puked since this morning, which is really good. I just feel so bad for my little boy! He’s too young to really understand what’s going on, he just feels like crap all day and I feel bad that there’s not much we can do about it. Give him his meds and try to get him to drink water and eat crackers.

I have a killer headache too but I don’t think I’d be able to nap. So I’m just going to wait until he goes down for the night I guess. To top it off, John has 24-hour duty tonight so I won’t have any help taking care of Easton. I hope my baby boy feels better tomorrow! :love:

Still Going Strong

John and I are still going on our diet! It’s so exciting to see the results in such a short amount of time. I’ve finally made it to 10lbs lost, and John is over 20lbs (but he’s counting from April, I’m counting from end of June). I keep forgetting to get pictures of our recipes so I can add them on the site :( But, I blame the fact that my camera’s screen is broken, and it’s also lost. lol. I guess I could add a few on here without pictures, or I’ll just edit the pictures like crazy from my iPhone :|

Over the last week or so I’ve been wrapped up in my design site. I’ve completely redesigned sections of the site, added new premade themes and today, made a new theme for the site itself. If you’re ever looking for a new design for a fansite or blog, check me out! :)

I’m also hoping to get some inspiration and redesign this site as well. Just the theme, though. I don’t need to edit pages and stuff! haha! I would really like to come up with a new theme for the site as well as some free WordPress themes for download :) I also plan to add more pictures on the site! They are seriously lacking and the ones that are there are waaaaaaaaay outdated. I’m sure everyone wants to see how Easton is growing up! He’s sooooo big! Just about to hit 18 months old, on the 10th, and then he gets to try peanut butter! Yum! I’m still sad he can’t have fish or seafood, because there are a couple people in John’s family who are allergic, so since it’s by blood, we’ve been told to wait until at least 2 years old to try it. So, we must still wait on that. And I love seafood! :(

Anyway, not much else interesting to say. I need to go read some blogs.

5:30 AM

It’s been almost a month since my last post. Oh crap. haha! Well, Life has gotten pretty busy, and I have less time on the computer, but more to do on it! I started babysitting one of John’s soldiers’ kids. His name is David and he’s a couple months younger than Easton, so I basically am having to watch twin toddlers and it isn’t a lot of fun. BUT, they are paying me $300 a month to do it! It’s not a lot of money, but it’s something, and us Army families help each other out. They originally offered $200 but I definitely thought that was too little, but I didn’t want to ask for too much. So, $300/month it is. That’s about $20 a day, so I think it’s fair. The main thing that sucks about it, is him and his wife are both military, so they both have to be at PT (physical training) in the morning at 6AM, which means I have to get up at 5:30AM when they drop him off here. Thankfully, he’s been pretty good about going back to sleep, as Easton usually sleeps til 9AM, I like to keep them relatively on the same schedule.

Last week was the first week of doing this, and it was a tough one. Day 1, Easton was fussing over every little thing, even when nothing was wrong. Day 2, David started doing the same thing. Day 3, they BOTH were whiny as can be, and day 4 finally settled down a little bit. I only had to watch him 4 days last week since Memorial Day gave us a holiday, and therefore, no one had to work :P Today, was a good day too. David didn’t want to go back to sleep this morning, however, I had to basically force him to take his bottle (the only way I’ve gotten him to nap) and then he woke up only about 10-20 minutes before Easton did, around 8AM. Then, they both went for naps at the same time and slept 3 hours!! That’s a record! But, it’s good! Long naps mean they are in better moods in the afternoon lol

Not much more is new… the house is still a mess, dog hair everywhere because the dogs are shedding from the heat, and they both need baths… John finally changed the shower head to the extendable one, so I really don’t have an excuse not to give them baths now…

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