WLJ Vlog #1 Four Months In, Fifty Pounds Down

Alright guys! So, I wish I had thought of doing this earlier on this year, but oh well, better late than never right?! I am formally apologizing ahead of time for my “ums” and the retarded way I talk… I absolutely hate being in front of the camera, but I just think this weight loss journey (WLJ) will be much better through video than just plain words on a screen. :) Later this month when I do my next vlog entry, I plan on showing you what a typical week looks like as far as what me and my family eat. Unless you all think that’s a horrible idea, then let me know and I’ll think of something else :P

I also apologize it’s so long… I even cut out like 10 minutes of random stuff I said about the foods… so it’s just kinda all the boring information on what to eat and stuff…

It’s Been Awhile…

Understatement, I know. Let me tell you something, I’ve been crazy busy with my off-line life as well as my online life, working on fansites and getting screencaps done for SCNET[1. Shortened version of Screencapped.net.] I haven’t really had time to blog or even think about what I was going to blog!

A lot has happened since July, but nothing too noteworthy. We had a good Christmas and New Years, John took me out for a surprise on my birthday[2. January 10th] down to Nashville for dinner and games at Dave & Busters. Also, a bunch of friends showed up to join us! I definitely didn’t see it coming, and I had a lot of fun :D

Last Saturday one of my friends and I went downtown to this diet doctor thing, got signed up, got a prescription for a energy-boosting and appetite-curving pill, and also got put on a very strict diet – No bread, no pasta, no fruit, no milk, yogurt, processed cheese, and obviously no sweets. It’s been pretty tough, giving up the pasta and bread and rice, but in the past week and a half, I have lost 10lbs! I’m going to keep trying to stick with it at least until the beginning of next month when we go back in for a follow-up and renewal of the prescription. I also finally made it to the gym tonight with the hubs. We shall see what the scale says in the morning!

Still Going Strong

John and I are still going on our diet! It’s so exciting to see the results in such a short amount of time. I’ve finally made it to 10lbs lost, and John is over 20lbs (but he’s counting from April, I’m counting from end of June). I keep forgetting to get pictures of our recipes so I can add them on the site :( But, I blame the fact that my camera’s screen is broken, and it’s also lost. lol. I guess I could add a few on here without pictures, or I’ll just edit the pictures like crazy from my iPhone :|

Over the last week or so I’ve been wrapped up in my design site. I’ve completely redesigned sections of the site, added new premade themes and today, made a new theme for the site itself. If you’re ever looking for a new design for a fansite or blog, check me out! :)

I’m also hoping to get some inspiration and redesign this site as well. Just the theme, though. I don’t need to edit pages and stuff! haha! I would really like to come up with a new theme for the site as well as some free WordPress themes for download :) I also plan to add more pictures on the site! They are seriously lacking and the ones that are there are waaaaaaaaay outdated. I’m sure everyone wants to see how Easton is growing up! He’s sooooo big! Just about to hit 18 months old, on the 10th, and then he gets to try peanut butter! Yum! I’m still sad he can’t have fish or seafood, because there are a couple people in John’s family who are allergic, so since it’s by blood, we’ve been told to wait until at least 2 years old to try it. So, we must still wait on that. And I love seafood! :(

Anyway, not much else interesting to say. I need to go read some blogs.

Comfort Food

Wow I’ve been gone for a while, huh? Sorry about that! :oops: Easton has stepped down from his status as a daredevil, but now insists on teething so now we have a very whiney boy on our hands… ALL THE TIME! X(

Oh a much lighter note, John and I decided to lose some weight! Ooooohh yeeaaaaahhh! Well, John decided first. He’s always been “right under” the cut off for Army standards and he said he’s sick of it. He wants to make a change and eat right, and exercise more. Well, I figured if he’s eating healthier, I gotta do it too! I mean, I’m not making 2 dinners and lunches everyday! haha! Well, we decided to download My Fitness Pal, and let me tell you. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! It’s only been 10 days and I’ve already lost almost 5 lbs! Craziness! It’s giving me such a boost to keep going when you see results like this! And, yeah, it really sucks when you first start because you’re hungry ALL THE TIME. But, once your body adjusts, you’re not as hungry anymore! My daily goal is 1700 calories, which isn’t too bad. I don’t even want to know how many calories I was taking in each day. Probably close to 3,000. And that’s on non-pasta days. Do you realize how many calories are in pasta!!! :-(( I LOVE PASTA and now I can’t eat much of it! Ugh. But, it’s for the best! I mean, if we keep up with this, imagine what will be the result in 6 months! A year! I’m so excited! :)

This is also helping Easton too, to eat healthy. One thing that I think a lot of parents worry about (at least I know I do) is the health of their children. Me, I’m the only “fat” one in my family. I mean, I weigh more than my dad, dude! Currently, I weigh more than John! :( But, that’s okay! Because we are working on it :) Anyway, because John and I are both bigger in nature (his is genetic, so he has to work even harder) I am worried every day about what Easton is eating. I don’t want him to be big, at least not in an unhealthy way. Luckily, he likes most of his vegetables and loves fruit! :) For us to eat more healthy, it’s helping the cost of food as well, because now we don’t have to buy as many “extra” foods for Easton, because he can just eat what we’re eating! It takes a weight off my shoulders, however, I now am having to cook a lot more again! haha!

Because of this health-kick, I plan on adding tons of new recipes to my collection here at the site. I want to encourage anyone reading this if you’re interested in eating healthy, and still eating foods you love, check out Taste of Home and their comfort food diet cookbooks! That’s where all our meals are coming from and they are amazing! I’ll be adding our favorite recipes on the site over the next few weeks :)

Oh, and anyone who already has MyFitnessPal and wants to add me as a friend, my username is crazycordy Please add me! :)