Movin’ On Up

So, I haven’t posted anything in a long time, and I feel really bad about it. Not because I’m worried about my readers, cuz honestly, I don’t think many people even know I’m here Mostly because, I haven’t promoted my blog AT ALL and I haven’t been posting!

Well, we are currently getting towards the back end of our move from the Tennessee/Kentucky border back home to Wisconsin! John went to recruiter school in June and is now officially an Army recruiter and will be working out of Madison! We were a bit sad we didn’t get Baraboo, which would have meant we’d be much closer to our family and friends, BUT we are still much closer than we have been since we’ve been married. A week from today we are closing on a house a mere 10 minutes from one of the malls in Madison, and we are first time home-owners! I am so excited to move in… We’ve been staying the majority of the time with John’s mom, which is amazing and everything, but I want my own space back, ya know? I always feel like a guest here, and to be honest, the internet service here sucks compared to what I’m used to… and not sure if it’s my iMac or her wifi, but it cuts out A LOT and I have to re-connect to it constantly.

I will be posting pictures once we move in and everything, I’ll most likely take some pictures the day we close as well so I can do “before” and “after” pictures too. I can’t wait!!

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