It’s Been Awhile…

Understatement, I know. Let me tell you something, I’ve been crazy busy with my off-line life as well as my online life, working on fansites and getting screencaps done for SCNET[1. Shortened version of] I haven’t really had time to blog or even think about what I was going to blog!

A lot has happened since July, but nothing too noteworthy. We had a good Christmas and New Years, John took me out for a surprise on my birthday[2. January 10th] down to Nashville for dinner and games at Dave & Busters. Also, a bunch of friends showed up to join us! I definitely didn’t see it coming, and I had a lot of fun :D

Last Saturday one of my friends and I went downtown to this diet doctor thing, got signed up, got a prescription for a energy-boosting and appetite-curving pill, and also got put on a very strict diet – No bread, no pasta, no fruit, no milk, yogurt, processed cheese, and obviously no sweets. It’s been pretty tough, giving up the pasta and bread and rice, but in the past week and a half, I have lost 10lbs! I’m going to keep trying to stick with it at least until the beginning of next month when we go back in for a follow-up and renewal of the prescription. I also finally made it to the gym tonight with the hubs. We shall see what the scale says in the morning!


  1. Aaron

    25th Jan 2014 at 1348

    Congrats on the weight loss! It’s a lot of work. A few years back I did Weight Watchers with a group of coworkers and I went from 325 to now, 175. It took a lot of time! :)

    1. Courtney

      19th Feb 2014 at 1531

      that is amazing! :D I’m now down almost 26lbs, 10 to go before I finally get back to my pre-pregnacy weight (yeah and Easton is going to be 3 in March…) I’d love to hear more about your weight loss story! (maybe blog about it? :P )

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