Where Have You Been?

Wow, it’s been awhile, huh? Where have I been? Oh, I’ve been here, and there, and down the street for awhile. 8) For awhile there I wasn’t blogging because I really didn’t have anything to say. And, also, I’ve been so busy with running my other websites, I didn’t want to try and find time to visit other people’s blogs, and you know what? I feel really bad about that! I miss my online peeps, and I miss visiting blogs! *Note to self: MUST. DO. BETTER.*

Today, I just bought The Band Perry’s new CD called Pioneer. You can buy it here. If you also want to buy it before the 6th, use promo code THEBANDPERRYSAVE2 to get $2 off. Totally worth it. They’re my favorite band :love:

So, I’ve been sitting around for the past 3 weeks all by my lonesome. Except Easton, I mean, where is a 2-year-old gonna go? Oh, yeah! Easton had his 2-year birthday on March 10 :D It is insanely crazy how much time flies by! He is so smart too! He’s already counting to 10 by himself and knows most of the alphabet in order :D His grandma got him a Leap Frog computer thing for Christmas and he can point out just about every single letter if you ask him to! Am I being a braggy momma? TOO BAD! :p I’m so proud of my little genius!

Oh, and like I said, by my lonesome because John has been in Virgina for a class[1. He needs this class to be eligible for promotion.] since March 11. :( He gets back on April 11, which I’m glad is coming up soon, but then he’s only here for 3 days then he goes into the field[2. The “field” means they pack up all their Army gear, go out into the woods and pretend they are deployed. It’s what they do to get ready for deployment. John like to say they go “play Army”.] for 2 weeks and CAN’T HAVE HIS PHONE. :cry: :cry: :cry: How lame is that? His unit is most likely not even deploying, so they’re going to be sitting in the field doing absolutely nothing. I hate the Army sometimes.

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  1. Britney

    4th Apr 2013 at 2120

    I love The Band Perry, too. The singer has a very distinct and versatile voice – love her! :)

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