Why Risk It? You’re Gonna Get Caught

What in this world makes a person think it is okay to get into the drivers seat of a car once they’ve been drinking? More so, when your job, no, your life is dependent on behaving and not getting in trouble, why would you risk something this stupid?! This is what I’ve been thinking for the last few days. Over the weekend, John had not one, but two of his soldiers get DUI’s. And, they are most likely being kicked out of the Army for it.

One of the guys is someone I actually know, and he never seemed to me someone who would be that reckless. He only was caught because he slightly went over the center line on the road. He was off post, which means we aren’t sure how much trouble he’s getting in, but the Army may still kick him. It’s sad, because he is a super cool guy, and he was leaving Kentucky in November for Washington and also switching his jobs in the military.

The other guy, I don’t know personally. However, I actually am hoping he gets kicked out of the Army. He was on post, he’s underage, and he was at one of John’s soldiers houses with a few of his other soldiers. They all are in trouble because they are all responsible for him leaving. And, letting an underage kid drink. :-(( He was caught driving 60MPH on a 25MPH road… Someone could have been killed from this stupidity! Also, on the way to pick him up, John saw like 20 deer, so this guy could have killed himself if he had hit one! Shake my head….

These occurrences happened over the 4 day weekend John had, one on Saturday night, the second on Sunday night. Both times, John got calls in the middle of the night from the Military Police (MPs) and he had to pick up his soldiers from jail. So, our weekend sucked, sleep-wise, and I think John was a bit more stressed out than he showed me.

I just really needed to rant about this, I just don’t understand why people drink and drive, when like I said, their job, and life depends on not being that stupid.


  1. bianca

    20th Oct 2012 at 0838

    i keep saying that in my head. Just the other day my dad was out drinking at a house party and this girl 27 years old thought lets jump in the pool, a meter deep may i add. She is a quadrapalegic now, broke her neck :(

  2. Hiro

    20th Oct 2012 at 1633

    Drinking and Driving is one of those things that I find difficult to tolerate. Because you aren’t just endangering your own life, but the lives of many other people. And more likely than not, the guy in the car isn’t the one that’s going to be killed, but the guy walking on the street, crossing at a green light while the car plummets into him.

    It’s not only irresponsible, but dangerous. And I also hope they both get kicked out of the military… If they don’t have good enough decision making skills to drink and drive, I don’t know if I can trust that they are trustworthy enough to be defending the nation, with extremely powerful tools to kill.

    I’m sorry you and your husband didn’t get to enjoy his long weekend though. :/ It sucks when he has to be called in for some idiocy of his subordinates… And doesn’t help the image of the military in the town.

  3. Aaron

    22nd Oct 2012 at 2142

    I agree with what you are saying. Just this past weekend a close friend of mine had a pretty big party of a mutual friend. Lots of drinking and it amazed me (1) how easy it was for someone who knew they were drunk to want to drive and (2) how many people would let SOMEONE ELSE DRIVE DRUNK! Are you crazy??? Gosh I think I was the only sober one and pulling keys out of peoples hands left and right.

    Side note- I am LOVING your recipes!! Can’t wait to try them.

  4. Katherine

    28th Oct 2012 at 1803

    Well, I doubt anyone ever thinks that it is a good idea. My fiance has driven drunk before (granted he was in college), which was nixed the moment we started dating. He knows for a fact that I don’t deal with that crap.

    I suppose it comes from the fact that you can drive while intoxicated as long as you are under a certain blood alcohol level, and most people seem to think that they are ‘fine’ even when they aren’t, not to mention the fact that people are not exactly in their right mind while under the influence.

    I’m not saying that I have sympathy for people with DUIs by any means, just throwing my opinion out there.

  5. Jenna

    28th Oct 2012 at 2217

    i agree. it is really stupid and i don’t understand why people take that risk either. my bf is really strict on no drinking and driving too. if he has one drink at all at night, he won’t drive. when we go out with friends, or out to dinner just us or whatever we always decide which of us is drinking and which of us is driving, and stick to it.

    he’s navy. idk if it’s the military in him or just the fact that he has a good head on his shoulders to begin with. what i do know, is it’s hot as hell. :wink:

    1. Courtney

      31st Oct 2012 at 1117

      hahaha. my hubs is the same way. I’m not much of a drinker, so he lucks out when we go out, he usually has a drink or two and I always drive home :)

  6. Ashley

    6th Nov 2012 at 1019

    People who drink and drive aren’t thinking properly at all! They think they’re invincible and that nothing can stop them. But accidents happen and nothing is every sure. You may be the best driver in the world, but there is more than just yourself when you’re driving. You have other cars, animals, kids, etc. Anything can happen!

    There was one time that I did have a bit to drink. We had a drive home all lined up but at last minute they bailed on us. So in the freezing cold (It was in December, I was wearing a short dress and high heels)my boyfriend and I walked to my mothers which was 20 minutes away. I drove the 10 minutes home and told a friend what had happened. She freaked out at me saying I was a complete idiot for driving while drinking. Keep in mind I only not even a whole bottle of 5% alcohol mixed with sprite and it was 3 hours after that I drove home. And this person is the first to jump into a car with someone who’s been drinking and acts a fool. Kind of hypocritical if you ask me!

    Sorry for the rant ;p

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