Still Going Strong

John and I are still going on our diet! It’s so exciting to see the results in such a short amount of time. I’ve finally made it to 10lbs lost, and John is over 20lbs (but he’s counting from April, I’m counting from end of June). I keep forgetting to get pictures of our recipes so I can add them on the site :( But, I blame the fact that my camera’s screen is broken, and it’s also lost. lol. I guess I could add a few on here without pictures, or I’ll just edit the pictures like crazy from my iPhone :|

Over the last week or so I’ve been wrapped up in my design site. I’ve completely redesigned sections of the site, added new premade themes and today, made a new theme for the site itself. If you’re ever looking for a new design for a fansite or blog, check me out! :)

I’m also hoping to get some inspiration and redesign this site as well. Just the theme, though. I don’t need to edit pages and stuff! haha! I would really like to come up with a new theme for the site as well as some free WordPress themes for download :) I also plan to add more pictures on the site! They are seriously lacking and the ones that are there are waaaaaaaaay outdated. I’m sure everyone wants to see how Easton is growing up! He’s sooooo big! Just about to hit 18 months old, on the 10th, and then he gets to try peanut butter! Yum! I’m still sad he can’t have fish or seafood, because there are a couple people in John’s family who are allergic, so since it’s by blood, we’ve been told to wait until at least 2 years old to try it. So, we must still wait on that. And I love seafood! :(

Anyway, not much else interesting to say. I need to go read some blogs.


  1. Deanna

    2nd Sep 2012 at 2029

    I would love to see the recipes you have been making. I’m always looking for new things to eat, especially if they are healthy.

  2. Catherine

    3rd Sep 2012 at 1427

    Wow well done! That’s really impressive I’d be so proud! My plan was to get fit this summer, and I’ve done a fair amount of exercise, but the last time I weighed myself I’d lost no weight, and gained none either haha, so all that I ate I burned off with my minor exercise.

    Haha aww I’m excited for Easton! It’s crazy how quickly babies grow up. :P Do you guys ever plan to have any more?

    1. Courtney

      3rd Sep 2012 at 1620

      Well, that sucks you didn’t lose weight, but good you didn’t gain any. That is always a plus :D

      We do plan on having more kids, at least one more because we’d like a girl :) However, WHEN that will be, no idea! I’d like to lose a good deal of weight before I get pregnant again, I JUST made it to what I was before I got pregnant with Easton, so I’d like to keep going before putting it all back on!!

  3. Isi

    4th Sep 2012 at 1243

    Congrats on sticking with your diet and the positive results, it’s nice to see someone who actually goes through with a diet. xD
    Your design site is really gorgeous! You should join, there are a lot of people who are in desperate need to hosting. I think you’ll find some nice clients there; both free and paid.

  4. Jen

    5th Sep 2012 at 2139

    I would love to see the recipes! I am always at a loss for food ideas. It is so hard to diet…I am not good at knowing how to make healthy meals that are edible. I am a great cook…when it involves butter and pasta and grease…hahaha!

    1. Courtney

      6th Sep 2012 at 0954

      haha, that’s so true! I totally relate! Well, if you’re interested, check out Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet cookbooks. Those are what I use, and it’s great to be able to eat your favorite comfort foods, just lightened up versions of them! I am hoping to put some recipes up soon :D

  5. Kim

    6th Sep 2012 at 2134

    Wow, ten to twenty pounds lost??? That’s awesome! Are your diet foods still yummy, or did you have to sacrifice the taste? But yeah, congrats on the weight loss, and I hope you can keep up the healthiness :)

    1. Courtney

      7th Sep 2012 at 0920

      YES! That’s the best part of using the Comfort Food diet cookbooks, the foods all still taste amazing! The only thing that sucks is following the actual portion sizes! :P It is getting easier as we go, because our stomachs are getting used to the smaller portions at mealtimes, and then snacks in between. It’s so much more healthier :)

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