There was something I wanted to blog about yesterday, but of course I procrastinated and now I don’t remember what it was. :oops: Well, for starters, new layout! I wanted something different, I really liked my previous theme but was getting sick of it. :evil: Hope you guys like it :) It’s fall themed, as we are heading into fall and thank God! I’m so sick of this hot weather! I definitely missed the heat in the winter when living in Alaska, but I hate humidity and I’d take -40 degree weather any day over 100+ with 100% humidity! :Z

So, lately I’ve been working really hard on my design site, as well as getting a few new fanlistings up and running. I’ve been totally neglecting this site and my screencap site :( I’m going to start spending a lot more time over there and over here, I started with my picture section. I’ve completely redid it, using a lightbox plugin and added new pictures. I still have a bunch to add to Easton’s section, but they are currently sitting on my phone and iPad and I need to download them to the computer so I can add them :) Will do soon!

I guess that’s all I really have to say for now… if I remember what I wanted to blog about, I’ll add it to this post :p

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