Comfort Food

Wow I’ve been gone for a while, huh? Sorry about that! :oops: Easton has stepped down from his status as a daredevil, but now insists on teething so now we have a very whiney boy on our hands… ALL THE TIME! X(

Oh a much lighter note, John and I decided to lose some weight! Ooooohh yeeaaaaahhh! Well, John decided first. He’s always been “right under” the cut off for Army standards and he said he’s sick of it. He wants to make a change and eat right, and exercise more. Well, I figured if he’s eating healthier, I gotta do it too! I mean, I’m not making 2 dinners and lunches everyday! haha! Well, we decided to download My Fitness Pal, and let me tell you. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! It’s only been 10 days and I’ve already lost almost 5 lbs! Craziness! It’s giving me such a boost to keep going when you see results like this! And, yeah, it really sucks when you first start because you’re hungry ALL THE TIME. But, once your body adjusts, you’re not as hungry anymore! My daily goal is 1700 calories, which isn’t too bad. I don’t even want to know how many calories I was taking in each day. Probably close to 3,000. And that’s on non-pasta days. Do you realize how many calories are in pasta!!! :-(( I LOVE PASTA and now I can’t eat much of it! Ugh. But, it’s for the best! I mean, if we keep up with this, imagine what will be the result in 6 months! A year! I’m so excited! :)

This is also helping Easton too, to eat healthy. One thing that I think a lot of parents worry about (at least I know I do) is the health of their children. Me, I’m the only “fat” one in my family. I mean, I weigh more than my dad, dude! Currently, I weigh more than John! :( But, that’s okay! Because we are working on it :) Anyway, because John and I are both bigger in nature (his is genetic, so he has to work even harder) I am worried every day about what Easton is eating. I don’t want him to be big, at least not in an unhealthy way. Luckily, he likes most of his vegetables and loves fruit! :) For us to eat more healthy, it’s helping the cost of food as well, because now we don’t have to buy as many “extra” foods for Easton, because he can just eat what we’re eating! It takes a weight off my shoulders, however, I now am having to cook a lot more again! haha!

Because of this health-kick, I plan on adding tons of new recipes to my collection here at the site. I want to encourage anyone reading this if you’re interested in eating healthy, and still eating foods you love, check out Taste of Home and their comfort food diet cookbooks! That’s where all our meals are coming from and they are amazing! I’ll be adding our favorite recipes on the site over the next few weeks :)

Oh, and anyone who already has MyFitnessPal and wants to add me as a friend, my username is crazycordy Please add me! :)


  1. bianca

    6th Aug 2012 at 0757

    good luck on this diet, i love pasta as well but ye i dont want to end up not breathing.
    my sisters husband went on a diet because of his ulcers so my sister took the diet as well and its amazing to see how much she has lost.
    thats amazing at Eastons age that he eats veges and fruit, i know kids at tha age that just eat chips or unhealthy stuff. congrats mom :-)

  2. Catherine

    12th Aug 2012 at 0927

    I think that’s great that you and your husband are going to eat healthier together. :) The people in your life bring out the best or worst in you, and he has brought out the best as it was his idea, best of luck! :D

    I am also going to check out My Fitness Pal, I decided this summer since I never exercise that I’d start, I’ve also attempted to eat healthier but haven’t been watching my calories, so I’ll check out that site. :)

    It’s good that you’re feeding Easton healthily too. A lot of what he eats will just go into his height I guess. That’s the good thing about being young and still growing, it’s hard to gain too much weight as it goes into height. :p

    1. Courtney

      13th Aug 2012 at 0912

      If you download it, Catherine, add me :)

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