Sex Should be Enjoyable!

Okay, so I’ve got everything up and running now, on the new domain :) It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would to update the WordPress Themes, so I got them all done in about 1/2 hour :D Please do let me know if you find something wonky with them or with anything else on the site!

Besides working on moving the blog to this subdomain, I’ve been pretty busy with my other sites. Screencap Me desperately needs more caps. I’ve got like 2 disks of Angel that’s been capped and 2 movies done. I still need to weed through all the caps though before I add them to the site! No one wants blurry and dark screen captures! :P Emma’s fansite has been slacking a little bit, but I hope to get back into that over the next few weeks. My fanlisting collective is still slowly moving. Slowly. I’ve averaged about moving 1 fanlisting a day, but with over 40 fanlistings, I need to pick up the pace! :P

In other news, I went to see the doctor this morning. I felt really awful about it because John had to stay home and watch Easton and David while I went. First of all, the hospital here seems very anti-bring-your-baby-into-the-hospital, unless you’re there because they have an appointment. A couple of weeks ago I went in to get some blood work done and when I went in the back after they called my number, the lady’s like “oh, you can’t bring the baby in here!” I’m, like, “uh…?!” Luckily one of the nurses said she’d sit with him, but I’m like REALLY?! I’m sorry I can’t afford day care and I don’t know anyone here so I can’t find a babysitter… it’s ridiculous! Plus, going today, I can’t bring Easton AND David as I have no car seat or stroller for David since I’m just baby sitting him. Ugh. This may be a little bit T.M.I. for some of you, but if I don’t explain I’m sure everyone will be asking… (it involves talking about sex and vaginas lol) So, when I had Easton last March, I got a 3rd degree tear (there’s only 4 degrees) on my perineum… which is the skin between your vagina and anus. Sounds awesome, right? :P Well, since then, John and I have been having issues sometimes when we make love. If he hits that spot too hard or at a certain angle, I feel like I’m being ripped open again and most of the time, there’s even a little bit of blood. I’ve been ignoring it and dealing with it for the most part for over year. For one, I’m embarrassed about it. Two, I was hoping it’d go away after awhile. Well, the other night it happened again and ruined an amazing night. It was also one of the worst times, and there was a little more blood than normal. (Normal is like 3 drops on the toilet paper, we’re not talking gushing) I mean, sex with your husband should be enjoyable, right?! :|

Anyway, when I went in for my yearly exam in April, I brought it up. The doctor said there may be a stitch or a knot that is taking longer to dissolve, and it may be causing the irritations. She checked, but didn’t see anything. We changed my birth control, and I hoped it would help. Guess not. Today, I had a different doctor. She looked (I needed to go today since the cut/tear is still there) and she told me it’s from “friction and moisture”… Uumm… isn’t that the point of intercourse?! :P I honestly don’t know what to do anymore :( She did a test for yeast infection as well, and saw 1 yeast (“Just 1” she said) so she prescribed some cream for that. I doubt it will help with my “tearing” problem, but I guess there’s nothing else they can do :(


  1. Deanna

    3rd Jul 2012 at 0925

    That really sucks! I hope they are able to fix it. Maybe you just have to stop having sex for a while so your body has more time to heal? Good luck!

    1. Courtney

      3rd Jul 2012 at 1729

      The only thing is, it’s been going on for over a year. If it’s not done “healing” by now, who knows how long it’ll take. :(

  2. bianca

    3rd Jul 2012 at 1221

    aw that really sucks, luckily you have such an understandable husband. maybe you should do it very slowly or just foreplay for now until it heals completely.
    i love the new look, its totally epic :)

    1. Courtney

      3rd Jul 2012 at 1732

      For now, while this “tear” is still there, don’t worry, we don’t do anything :P I have to lean funny so it doesn’t hurt when I pee, I’m not gonna have sex ;) Once the tiny cut is healed, we’re good, until the next time it happens :( I just can’t believe that the tear I got from childbirth isn’t healed yet… it’s been over a year and none of the doctors say that’s the problem, so I don’t know what to think.

  3. Jen

    3rd Jul 2012 at 1555

    I really hope they figure out and fix whatever it wrong soon. I mean, it can’t be good to be happening all the time like that.

  4. Kim

    3rd Jul 2012 at 2223

    Aww, that must really hurt. I hope it heals up completely eventually… It must be really frustrating. I wonder why it’s taking so long to heal.

    1. Courtney

      4th Jul 2012 at 1253

      Me too! I looked online at forums of other mothers when it first started happening and a few said it was their birth control hormones… so maybe if I either stop taking bc or change to the mini pill that’ll help? I just really don’t want to stop cuz we can’t have another baby yet! :P

  5. Stephanie

    4th Jul 2012 at 1513

    Sex should always be fun! I’m sorry that the tear still hasn’t healed yet. Hopefully, the stitches will dissolve in soon, so you won’t have to worry about it any more. Hopefully, you won’t need new stitches!

    You make labor sound a bit scary. Actually, labor probably is scary. I live thinking that when I’m ready for it, that I’ll be ready.

    1. Courtney

      4th Jul 2012 at 2208

      The original tear is healed, I think it’s just the scar tissue isn’t strong enough :( yes, labor is pretty scary, but most are not as bad as mine was :p I keep telling myself that next time will be better :) I do want more kids! :p

  6. Justin

    4th Jul 2012 at 2335

    OMG what the hell did I just read. Jk. I hope that they can figure out whats wrong with you and fix it soon. If I were denied the ability to have sex, I’d be pretty damn angry.

    I wonder why they wont let a baby back there in the hospital. Do babies carry a lot more diseases or something? Or maybe they’d think it’d be too noisy? Regardless, that’s pretty annoying.

    Anyway, I’m really digging this layout. It’s flawless.

    1. Courtney

      5th Jul 2012 at 1831

      LOL well, you were warned :P I don’t know why the hospital is like that, maybe because they don’t want babies to get sick or something. Thank you about the layout :) I really like how it turned out :D

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