Vlog #1 : A Week in Kentucky


  1. Chrisie

    6th Apr 2012 at 1950

    Aww it was good sweetie! I hope you decide to keep doing this! :)

  2. Deanna

    11th Apr 2012 at 1156

    I hope that your new house is better than you think it’s going to be. I am getting ready to move too and I keep focusing on the negative things. But I’m sure I will love the new place once I’m actually in there.

    How was living in Alaska? It seems like such an interesting place to live. Good video blog.

  3. Deanna

    14th Apr 2012 at 1232

    I nominate you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Check my website for details.

  4. Kim

    14th Apr 2012 at 1434

    It’s nice seeing the face & voice behind the blogger :) Ooh, I forget that some hotels allow dogs :) I remember at one of the hotels I stayed at had a little doggy area outside, hehe.

    Ah yes, the kitchen space is very important (for anyone who likes to cook, at least)! I think I would prefer countertop space as well…easier to find stuff, and if you wanted to you could put stuff into storage boxes, etc.

    Good luck picking out the stuff you’re gonna keep. I know that’s the hardest part! I was like that even as a kid – I would keep every single thing I ever made in school, haha. Now I’m much better about things, thankfully :P

    1. Courtney

      15th Apr 2012 at 1054

      Yes, we actually used a very helpful site, bringfido.com which lists all the pet friendly hotels in an area you are looking for :)

  5. bianca

    18th Apr 2012 at 1153

    that video was perfect you must do more like that. i bet your new house will feel weird at first but it will be perfect as soon as you settle in. that’s how i felt when my family and i moved i would still like a one story house instead of two but ye.

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