Ick. Flies.

For the past couple of days I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve been working on my Design Site, along with the portfolio to go with it. John and I have also been working on setting up the house. We have been able to get most of the living room set up, bought a rug and started setting up our room. We still have a few boxes out in the living room/computer area and our room, plus tons of boxes still in our one little storage space off the kitchen, but I feel like we are making good progress ;) I can’t wait til we are done! I’m excited to do a video blog showing everyone around our home! :)

It has been getting hot here! We’ve been in the 70s and 80s the last few days, and it’s about to storm right now. I love storms. I missed them a lot when we were up in Alaska because it rarely stormed. We’d get rain sometimes and clouds, but hardly ever did I hear thunder or see lightning. It’s a silly thing to miss, but I’ve always loved storms. And you miss it when it’s gone. I definitely don’t miss the tornado scares of my childhood, though. I grew up in Wisconsin and we’d have tornado warnings all the time! I’m afraid of what we’ll do if we get any in this area, we have no basement and apparently there are no storm shelters on post, so we would have to cram into our little storage space and hope for the best! :O Don’t feel too safe thinking about that!

I made some more cupcakes the other day… I’ve been going back and forth with what I’d like to do as a “side” job to being a stay-at-home mommy. I love the show Cupcake Wars and have been experimenting a bit with making cupcakes… for awhile I was thinking about starting an online cupcake delivery business, for just around the Army base… but I don’t think I have enough experience for that! So, I’ll just keep making cupcakes and experimenting and see what I get! The cupcakes I made the other day were actually from a recipe on the show, and they are so good! We still have some, as John and I are both trying to lose weight so we aren’t indulging… as much :P I’ll probably post the recipe on here at some point for ya’ll, once I get a picture of them.

Ugh, we have flies in the house :( One just somehow flew underneath my pony tail on the back of my head and got stuck in my hair…. eeeck.


  1. Jamie

    4th May 2012 at 1323

    First of all, the design site looks amazing! Congrats on the reopening, I hope you get lots of business (:

    Its been really hot and stormy here too. Which I love, but I hate the humidity. I always end up feeling claustrophobic when its humid out. Which is odd. lol

    Cupcakes. Ahh. That sounds amazing right now. If you’re design business picks up that would definitely be a perfect job for a stay at home mom! (: If you’re creative with making stuff you could try out Etsy.com. It’s kinda like ebay but everything is handmade. Jewelry and makeup does really well on there.

    Ugh. That’s another thing I hate about this time of year other than humidity. Bugs. Anything that has more than two legs or has wings freaks me out. I’ve been seeing a lot of wasps and ladybugs lately. Not cool. =/

  2. Tiff

    6th May 2012 at 0149

    Ah! I could never imagine living in the mid-west where there are tons of tornadoes! That thought definitely doesn’t appeal to me! I’ve been stuck to the Pacific Coast my whole life, but I really want to go to medical school on the East Coast in New York. Guess I’m a coastal gal, myself. :D

    This is the 3rd blog I’ve read today that talked about moving!!! So everyone is moving into a new house/apartment, eh?? That time of year? How exciting though!! I won’t be moving until September myself. Lease is almost up, but then I’m off to study abroad for the summer. Hope you progress in your moving process. It is a bit of a pain in the butt.

    As for the side-job to promote productivity, you could just walk dogs or babysit kids. Or even tutor, that always works. I mean, if you have a Bachelors, you can easily make $30 an hour if you tutor kids…although that depends on the subject & level you’re tutoring in. Can’t be too hard to tutor children in basic algebra though, right?

    Mmm otherwise…cupcake delivery could get way too messy & time consuming. You could always just get a part-time job that allows for you to take your kid to work.

  3. Kenji

    6th May 2012 at 1106

    This design is amazing!! I love it, well done!

    I have never experienced a tornado, or any kind of natural disaster like that, and could only imagine that it would be scary as hell! :/

    The cupcake sound amazing.. where is your picture!? :) I’m the same as you, trying not to over indulge.. but failing a little! ha

  4. Sage

    9th May 2012 at 0133

    Good luck with the house. Nothing more rewarding then having your own home … Sounds awesome.

    1. Courtney

      9th May 2012 at 1219

      Well, it isn’t our own home, my husband is in the military, so it’s military housing that’s given to us. Each place he’s stationed we get a “new” house, but they are more like apartments :P The really nice thing is we don’t have to “pay” rent, he gets a housing allowance in his paychecks, and then the housing department takes that money, so we never see it, but we never miss it either :)

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