Feeling Like a Home

My last post should have been “A Week in Tennessee”. I didn’t realize until we got here that we actually live in TN. The Fort Campbell Army base is located right on the Tennessee/Kentucky border, outside of Clarksville, TN. Although our house is actually located in Tennessee, the Fort Campbell post office is on the Kentucky side, therefore our address is Kentucky… even though we live in Tennessee… Confused yet? :P

Oh, yes, we have a house! :D It is a bit small, it’s a lot smaller than the one we left in Alaska, but we’re dealing with it. We moved in last week, and 2 days ago (Monday) our household goods were delivered. So, now our small house became even smaller as it’s housing dozens of boxes because we have no storage space! No garage OR basement, so yeah… it sucks. But, at least it is feeling more like a home because I can actually cook, we have our TV and internet hooked up, so that makes things a lot better :)

I plan on doing another vlog once we get things set up. I thought it would be cool to try and do a vlog from my iPad so I can take you all through the house and show you everything! Does that sound like something people would even be interested in? I thought it’d be a neat idea…. :?:

Today I took our puppy Maya to the vet as she needed to get registered on post and also the Army requires pets to be microchipped, so she had to get that too. I still need to set up an appointment to get her spayed… she is STILL overpowering Dakota a lot and literally walking on her when Dakota is lying down, and I’m hoping that getting her spayed will tone down her dominance. She’s just over 8 months old now, and Dakota is 3 years :) Both of them will have some adjusting to do! They both have Husky blood in them so they are already feeling the heat! :D


  1. Vibeke

    19th Apr 2012 at 0749

    Thank you so much:)

    I’ve started playing around with After Effects. It’s hard, but really fun. I’m still so unsure on what to do though and how to make everything as I want it.

  2. Kim

    22nd Apr 2012 at 1326

    That’d be really fun seeing your new house :) Maybe sometime when you decorate your house you can make another vlog as well! I love seeing before and afters haha xD

    Aww poor Dakota. Hopefully Maya will be nicer after you get her spayed. Didn’t realize that also helps out their aggression (I don’t know any dogs myself, love them though! It’s my mom who won’t allow dogs, hehe).

  3. Becca

    23rd Apr 2012 at 1916

    That is confusing! Imagine having to explain that to someone every time they ask you where you live now. :P

    I have never personally moved, but my sister recently just moved out into her own apartment and it was such a hassle helping her move everything out and then get everything in its rightful place. Yay for being able to cook again! I hope you will really be able to get situated in a short amount of time. It’s a bummer the house is a little bit smaller, but I think a new house is rather exciting nonetheless.

    AWWWWW! :) I love dogs and huskies are one of my favorite breeds. They are both so pretty – and I like their names!

    RE: My family has traveled a lot of places in my life, so I’d say that we travel a lot. And some of the places I’ve been have been so amazing, I just want to share it all. :P Alaska to Kentucky is a huge change! I’m sure acclimating will be a little weird at first.

  4. Christa

    27th Apr 2012 at 1832

    It’s great to here you’re there and you have a home. It is kind of funny that you live in one state yet have an address in another state.

    Getting a male dog fixed does help with them fighting and everything so I figure it’d be the same with a female. We had one female dog when I was growing up who was fixed, but at the time we didn’t have any other dogs.

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