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So, in case you were all wondering, we did make it home okay :) I haven’t been around, so I feel like people may have been thinking we crashed and died… or maybe no one cared :P The drive was long, but pretty–it would have been beautiful if everything was green instead of brown, but what can ya do? It was nice not seeing anymore snow!

Easton is now 1 year old! It’s so crazy to think how time has flown over this last year. It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home for the first time! I have also realized how BIG he’s gotten! It’s crazy! He’s already about 25 lbs. Doesn’t sound like much until you try carrying it for an extended period of time… like, 5 minutes :P

Yesterday, John and I went to the Apple store down in Madison in hopes of getting an iMac computer… I’ve been wanting one forever and since John’s laptop died a few months ago, it was becoming more of a possibility. We ended up leaving with an iMac and 2 iPads!!! John’s parents internet sucks here at the house, so I’m STILL trying to install the software update that it says I need to, it keeps saying that I’m not connected to the internet when it gets close to done, even though I AM so I’m getting really upset. When it finally DOES install the update, I plan on syncing my iPad and iPhone with the computer via iCloud :) Also, bought Photoshop Elements, as the normal Photoshop is $700 and I don’t want it that much :P I really need to get back to work on my fanlistings though…


  1. bianca

    15th Mar 2012 at 0850

    glad you made it safe and sound. how did your dogs take the trip?
    i know about time flying, my dog named tess has been dead for nearly a year, i was so distraught when it happened but now i believe it was the right thing to do because she was very sick and we had her for 15 years and it was a wonderful 15 years.
    i can never get use to a mac computer lol, we had them in my college, i prefer windows lol.

    1. Courtney

      15th Mar 2012 at 0954

      The dogs took it much better than we thought! Although one day towards the end of the trip, our 7-month-old pup got bored enough and she chewed through one of the back seat belts and then the wiring that makes our back window wiper work :(

      I had to get used to Macs in college.. I majored in Cinema and Digital Video and Macs have much better programs for that, so we had been planning on getting one eventually :D

  2. Christa

    18th Mar 2012 at 2055

    I am loving the weather now! But I still kind of am waiting on more snow, ha ha.

    Happy birthday, Easton! My niece turns 1 in May and it’s getting hard for me to pick her up – I’m tiny.

    I can understand the internet problems. Sometimes it takes me two weeks to try to get something downloaded right and installed. Ugh. I have a pile of emails with things I need to download from them, I can only download one item at a time or else they don’t download right. Such a pain.

  3. Karin

    22nd Mar 2012 at 0444

    Great that you all made it all the way in one piece :D Must be nice to have that over with.

    One Mac and two iPads sounds like an awesome spending spree! I have one iPad, but not other Apple products. I’ve never owned a Mac computer and I probably never will. I’m a little scared I would get too frustrated having to re-learn a lot of stuff ^^;

  4. Kim

    30th Mar 2012 at 1054

    Awww, I still remember when you were barely pregnant :) Glad to see you’re all doing well hehe.

    Haha, I remember the “baby” simulation we had to do in school back in the day, and carrying that 15 pound bag of rice. I take your word when you say 25 pounds is heavy!!! :P

    iMacs are so slick and nice…I would be tempted to get one someday – if I ever have the money :P

  5. Jenni

    2nd Apr 2012 at 0455

    Hope you had a nice trip! I bought an iMac a couple of years ago and it’s awesome. So shiny!

    Btw, I nominated you for an award on my blog, you can see the post here:

  6. Georgie

    3rd Apr 2012 at 0707

    I remember you tweeting about your trip to the Apple store! Nice work, I wish I had an iMac. :P I use one at work, which isn’t ~technically~ mine, but that’s what I use all the time and I love it, so yeah. ^_^ I’m glad you found my tips useful though! :D

    Happy birthday to little Easton! I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I didn’t think it was so long ago that you had that birth blog. :’) Bless him and you and John.

    Oh, fanlistings! I love mine but I’m just trying to cut down to the ones I obviously love so I can spend more time on them.

  7. Michelle

    9th Apr 2012 at 1456

    Sounds like awesome goodies ;3

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