Tomorrow is the Day!

That’s right! We are getting on a plane tomorrow morning and leaving this frigid land of Alaska *hopefully* for a very long time! We are taking a short flight down to Seattle, WA, then over the next week we will be driving across to Wisconsin… check my last post if you want to see the details :)

I will try to return comments as soon as I can, but as you can imagine, I’ve been super busy trying to get ready to leave this place! The last few days since we moved out of our apt, we had to clean it, like, PERFECTLY so we don’t get charged by the Army housing people… that took a few days. Today, we have to wash and pack everything and get everything ready since we’ll be leaving at like 6AM tomorrow morning. We also are bring our 2 dogs, Dakota and Maya with us, which means we have to check in at least 1 hour before our flight, which is at 8:45AM. It will be nerve racking to know our babies are under the plane, but it will be nice when we get to Seattle to see them again :D

The lovely Catherine has added a few things to the header of the layout… This currently layout was my “coming out” layout when Easton was born last year. :) Now, that he’s turning 1 I thought it’d be cool to bring it back, but changing a few things :D I still love this layout and I brought it out now, a little early because I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it before his birthday on March 10, since we’ll be busy on our trip.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful February and Leap Year! :P


  1. bianca

    1st Mar 2012 at 0338

    good luck with the flight, im sure the people who put your pets in the hold will take very good care of them. im sure if its a short flight they wont even remember the flight and plus they make them tired so they sleep through it.
    i absolutely love the layout, did you have to pay again for her to edit it? She makes the most inspirational layouts ever, i wish i had catherine’s talent

    1. Courtney

      1st Mar 2012 at 2336

      yes, they took great care of them and they survived it ;)

      I know, Catherine is amazing! Yes, I paid just a small fee for her to add the balloons and banner and some hair to that cute little head! :)

  2. Silver

    1st Mar 2012 at 0516

    I hope you have a safe trip! It was really interesting reading about your life. Aww the layout is cute. Easton is adorable. And the Strawberry Cupcakes from the previous post looks scrumptious.

  3. Karin

    3rd Mar 2012 at 0459

    Have a safe trip! Hope everything goes well with the dogs and the baby and the car and everything :D
    The layout is really cute <3

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