Scariest Thing Ever

So, the Superbowl is tomorrow. :doh: I honestly, could care less. But, the hubby loves football and even though our team isn’t playing, he’s still watching. And inviting people over. Not a big deal, but I don’t really like football to begin with AND our team isn’t playing… I watched last year cuz the Green Bay Packers were playing, and they won XD and we’re from Wisconsin, so it was a great time. Now, I’m like, “I’d rather sit on the computer and mess with my sites” but we have people over, so I really can’t do that, now, can I? :( lol

The fun thing is, though, is I saw this awesome tutorial about Petit Fours, which I’d never heard of before, and I’ve been wanting to try to make some! I wanted to make Valentine’s Day ones, like she shows in the tutorial, but decided to make SuperBowl related ones instead so other people can eat them all rather than just me and John :P I also made a Chocolate Cheesecake :)

Earlier tonight, after Easton woke up from his nap, John brought him downstairs and put him in his high chair, getting ready for dinner because it was about that time. John sat back down, and I was still busy in the kitchen, so to make sure EJ wouldn’t start fussing for food cuz Daddy sat down, I decided to give him some snacks, some Gerber Yogurt Melts. He’s had them many times before, and he absolutely loves them, so I thought nothing of it. I put 3 on his tray and turned to talk to John. After less than a minute I hear Easton making strange noises. I turn around and his face is bright red and I can tell he can’t breathe. OHMYGODMYBABYISCHOKINGANDHE’SGONNADIEWHATAMIGONNADOHECAN’TBREATHE!! :( I run over to him, John’s right behind me, and I start freaking out, patting his back, trying to look in his mouth, and then EJ starts crying. Okay. He’s crying, so he can breathe again. He keeps coughing and making the short inhale sound that you hear on TV shows and in movies when someone is choking… obviously can breathe but it’s hard (and the actors are just bad and pretending to choke). I’m sitting on the floor now, holding Easton trying to calm down when I’m in tears myself. How did this happen? How CAN this happen? It’s fucking baby snacks, made for kids 9+ months and he’s almost 11 months and has been eating them fine. Except, I notice that this flavor of the yogurt melts, the pieces are much bigger than the other flavors. WTF Gerber? I feel like I should sue.


  1. Deborah

    6th Feb 2012 at 0125

    You should write or email a complaint to the company. :O I once chocked on a piece of bacon at a Dutch pancake restaurant. My mom performed the heimlich maneuver but it wouldn’t come out and I thought I was going to die (or at least pass out) due to the lack of oxygen. It’s really a horrible feeling and probably very scary for others to witness, as well.

    Those Petit Fours look great! Can I have some of your baking talent please? ;)

  2. bianca

    6th Feb 2012 at 0313

    those Petit Fours that you did are amazing. they to rich for me to eat, this channel Cake Boss does it and i’m like how can you eat that cake it looks so stunning lol.
    i think you must atleast tell the shop owner where you got it from that your baby nearly died from eating that either they must remove them from the stores or they must make them smaller.
    i choked once on calamari at a restaurant omg it was frightening because you can’t talk or anything im glad my dad got to me and squeezed my stomach so i would spit the calamari out.

  3. Deanna

    6th Feb 2012 at 1250

    I’m so glad your baby is okay! That would have given me a heart attack. I was baby sitting once and one of the babies put a pool ball in his mouth. I had to pop it out by pushing on his cheeks.

    Your food looks wonderful! I hope everyone enjoyed eating it.

  4. Christa

    9th Feb 2012 at 1749

    I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Normally I do but I honestly could care less which team won this year.

    I’ve never made Petit Fours and I’m looking for something to bake and send to my best friend for a late Valentine’s Day gift. I may try to make them for him. :)

    I’m glad he’s okay. That is scary. My niece hasn’t had the Yogurt Melts yet but our family friend has a son (just turned a year old in December) and he eats them all the time. Sometimes he has problems with them too – his eyes start to water and he reaches for whatever he’s drinking.

  5. Kate

    11th Feb 2012 at 0938

    Oh poor Easton! :( It must have been so scary for you and him. I hope he is okay. I almost choked on a McDonald’s chicken nugget (I know, of all things!), and everyone thought I was joking; I was terrified and sunk to my knees gasping for breath, until finally someone hit me very hard on the back and I managed to dislodge it and get my breath back. :'(

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