Losing Fluids

I feel like I’ve been away for quite a while. Sorry about that. If things couldn’t get worse since my last post, Easton puked the next day, while I was feeding him dinner. We didn’t think much of it, took his temperature and it was only 99*F. They start to worry once it gets to 102*F for babies. The rest of the night was fine, then the next day, John started puking and spending a lot of time on the toilet after work and through the night. He tried to lay down upstairs and get some rest, and I took care of EJ. This virus had been going around town lately, so it wasn’t too unexpected, but it still sucked. It was getting to be after 10PM and I fed Easton a bottle, and a couple snacks and he was playing in his high chair. I was about to pick him up and take him upstairs to go to bed when he started puking again :( I cleaned him up, called John downstairs and was comforting EJ on the floor when he puked again. And so did John. Okay, time to go to the ER.

We packed up and headed out a little after 11PM to the ER here on post, and ended up waiting like 2 hours before being seen. Gotta love it. Luckily, Easton didn’t have any more problems, but John had to keep making trips to the restroom. After we were finally seen, they gave John some anti-nausea medication in with his IV as he was dehydrated. I mean, if you were (excuse my language) puking and shitting your guts out, you’d be pretty dehydrated too! :P Easton ate a bottle and kept it down, so they didn’t give him anything. I’m sitting there thinking, “oh great, I’m totally getting this tomorrow…” and what do you know? I did! The next day I spent my entire day losing fluids but luckily I was able to take a good nap, which kept my trips to the bathroom down, which John wasn’t able to do the day before.

I’ve still been recovering over the last few days… been feeling nauseous and stomach has been achy but luckily it hasn’t been as bad as those few hours. I never want to do that again!

In other news, Easton was feeding himself some carrots earlier today :D I will post the video in my next blog, which I hope to do soon.


  1. Katherine

    12th Feb 2012 at 2107

    Don’t you hate it when a virus is making it’s rounds? I actually managed to avoid an outbreak of strep at work. (So many parents with little children, we get EVERYTHING at my office. :(( )

    Will is actually starting to come down with something himself, but it is too early to tell if he just has a cold or if it will be something a bit worse. Whenever he gets stick, he gets SICK, and there is no stopping it, and every time he ends up with bronchitis. :(

    1. Courtney

      13th Feb 2012 at 1304

      I HATE being sick :( We think it might have been brought on by the sudden change in weather… up here in Alaska it went from -30F to 30F within a week…

  2. Georgina

    15th Feb 2012 at 0500

    Aww bless Easton, I’m sure you’re very proud of him eating on his own.

    It sucks being sick! Viruses are the worst. They’re like silent killers. I hope you all get completely better soon. Now it’s John’s turn to take care of you! ;)

  3. Monnii Bee

    15th Feb 2012 at 0850

    It’s no good when your family gets sick like that =[ Luckily EJ didn’t throw up too much it seems. losing a lot a fluids at that ages could be really bad for the little guy. I hate being sick and I hate how quickly a virus can spread in small town… a weeks ago one of my roommates picked up a flu and then within a fews days most everyone in the apartments that we live in was sick =[

  4. Christa

    15th Feb 2012 at 1918

    It seems this year everyone is getting some kind of flu. And once it starts working its way through a household there’s no stopping it until everyone has had it, that’s how it seems. I am glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better. Aw, Elizabeth just really feeds herself these little cookies for teething.

  5. bianca

    17th Feb 2012 at 0326

    i have had that. one of our friends stayed the night with her son at our place and that night he kept vomitting and in the morning i wasn’t feeling good, i spent the whole day on the loo because my mom got tired of running with me because im in a wheelchair. that night my mom and dad had it i felt so bad because they are never sick

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