Time to Bid Adieu

I am so ready to get out of Alaska. The last few days it’s been close to -50* F out and I’m getting sick of it! At -40* if you take boiling water and throw it outside, it turns to straight fog. It’s insane. I’m sure if you could find it on YouTube. Actually, let me do it for you…

It’s craziness. I couldn’t find the video one of our friends made, but this one was done on campus less than 10 miles away from here.

For those that don’t know, John, Easton and I will be leaving the state of Alaska on March 1, 2012. Our plan is to fly to Seattle, WA, pick up our car that we are having shipped down there, and stay with family overnight. Then drive over the next few days to Wisconsin, where the bulk of our family is (also where we are from), stay home for about a month while John takes some leave time, then off to Kentucky sometime in April once we have a house on the Army base down there. Going from Alaska to Kentucky is going to be weird, but I think I will like the winters much better :D

I’ve been meaning to write an article about Alaska (it was going to be a funny one, of course!) but, sadly, didn’t get around to it. Maybe I’ll get one out before we leave. February 23rd our household items will be packed up, and I will no longer have internet. I don’t know how I will survive! >D I am just hoping that any pending fanlistings that I have currently applied for get approved (or rejected, I guess) before that so I have time to get them done before my computer is gone!


  1. Kate

    29th Jan 2012 at 0434

    That video is crazy! :O Eee, I hope you get approved for your fanlistings :P I can relate to feeling “lost” without the internet – ours was down for a few hours yesterday and I felt so DEPRIVED. :((

  2. Karin

    29th Jan 2012 at 0531

    Yikes, -50? I always say I prefer cold over warm weather, but that is just too much :!: The coldest I’ve ever experienced was -44*F and that was cold enough…

    That’s a long move, must be exciting :) I can’t imagine being without Internet for more than maybe a few days (addicted much?) so good luck with that :P

  3. Christa

    29th Jan 2012 at 1606

    I was watching the weather the other day and seen -50! Gees. That makes me happy to be in Ohio – the first time ever. We’ve been between 30 & 40 for the most part. Today was a bit of snow but tomorrow it’s suppose to be sunny and like 40, by Saturday it’s going to be around 35 again. I’m seriously missing summer. I have a friend who lives in Kentucky and their winter has been better then “normal” but during the summer/fall is when they were getting crazy storms and such.

  4. Katherine

    30th Jan 2012 at 2001

    You know… I would probably be the person that dumped boiling water out every day just to watch it go “fwoosh” and turn into vapor. :P

    I have to agree with you that -40 is just too darn cold. I can’t deal with it when it gets down to 40 degrees, let alone -40. I thin my William would die in those conditions (he hates the cold!) <3

  5. Georgina

    2nd Feb 2012 at 0350

    I guess Alaska isn’t for everyone. That’s crazy though. Another experiment (though I’m sure you’re not up for it haha :P) is pouring normal room temperature water on the ground and seeing it turn into ice… apparently in really cold places it turns into ice before it hits the ground. It’s crazy. But I really commend you for putting up with it. Personally, though, I wouldn’t mind being in super cold weather. xD I definitely prefer it to hot weather.

    You’ll only be internetless for a few weeks right? Your fanlisting situation should be okay and hopefully your family will have some internet access. :D

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