Hello 2012!

So, it is the New Year! 2012! Hey, wait… isn’t the world suppose to end this year? :O I guess we’ll see, huh? ;)

Well, John and I decided to bring in the new year with a Harry Potter movie marathon. John got me the 8-disc Blu Ray set, sadly not the one with all the special features as we didn’t have $250 to spend on movies… but it’s still awesome none-the-less :) We had another couple over as we started the first movie at noon on December 31st and planned to go non-stop for the entire 19 hours and 40 minutes (yes, we added all the times of the movies together to figure out how long it’d take!). Well, with only 20 minutes left of the second movie (Chamber of Secrets), they decided to head home to take a nap so they would be fully ready for our all-night adventure.

They ditched out. After a couple hours we tried getting a hold of them, and apparently they wanted to go play pool instead. Lame. Oh well, we were still going to continue, it just wouldn’t be “as” fun and all our alcohol wouldn’t be drunk… Because I’m not much of a drinker and John probably wouldn’t want to drink a bunch of “girlie” drinks! :D

Well, we finally put Easton to be around 11PM or so, and started Year 5, “Order of the Phoenix“. This one is actually my least favorite of the movies :( I about fell asleep and after the movie was over, we decided to go to sleep and continue in the morning. If we had gone non-stop, our marathon would end just about the time Easton would be waking up, and then we’d have to stay up even longer to take care of him and I wasn’t about to do that! So, we headed to bed between 1AM and 2AM and finished the other 3 movies today. :)

I’m thinking about starting a photoblog… what you think? Oh, random thought! Earlier tonight I was outside having a smoke (I do this about everytime I let the dogs outside) and saw two moose walking down the middle of the street! No joke! Most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen! Too bad it was -40 degrees out and I didn’t have my camera… I woulda chased them down and gotten some pictures! :D

How did you all bring in the New Year?


  1. Jess

    4th Jan 2012 at 1741

    I definitely think that you should start a photoblog, as I would have loved to see a picture of 2 moose walking down the street. :) I haven’t seen the last 3 HP movies yet…I haven’t really been in the mood to watch movies. I do know that I want to watch them all at once, and now I know how long I’ll have to stay up. :P As for how I brought in the New Year, I basically surfed the Internet and went to bed by 12:30 AM. :)

    1. Courtney

      4th Jan 2012 at 2219

      I would love to see that picture too! Sadly, I didn’t get one as it was -40* outside and I didn’t have my camera, and by the time I got it they were gone :(

  2. Georgina

    8th Jan 2012 at 1840

    You definitely should have gotten those pictures! Over there you have all these animals we don’t have, like moose, squirrels, raccoons, and so on. I’ve never seen any of those in real life. xD

    People think there are kangaroos on the road in Australia but only if you life way out of the city. So it was really odd one day when a bus driver got a message from another bus driver about a kangaroo loose on the road. :P

    I wish I’d welcomed the new year in a fun way. Harry Potter isn’t my idea of fun and I’m actually not a fan of the books or movies, but my gosh, that sounds like a lot of watching. xD I can’t stand watching movies and I’d rather play pool even though I suck. A nice night with your love is really nice though :)

    1. Courtney

      8th Jan 2012 at 1915

      haha, thanks Georgie! I was so mad, cuz it’s so cold outside right now, when I saw the moose, first I tried to get John outside, wasted like 10 seconds, then I tried finding the camera, wasted like 30 seconds, then ran out the other door cuz that’s the way they were heading and I didn’t see them anymore :( I have other pictures of moose though :) I need to post them back on the site….

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