Yup, so today was my 26th birthday :D It’s kind of bittersweet though… great cuz it’s a birthday but not so great because now I feel so old! I’m now closer to 30 than 20 and I’m not sure how I feel about that… :X

In happier news, John got me a great present, although I saw it before today because he picked a bad hiding spot… He set it in the downstairs bathroom under the sink. Where the extra toilet paper is, so when I went to change the roll, I saw it sitting down there. :O It was a cake decorating kit!

I’ve never decorated a cake other than put frosting on the top, but I’ve been getting interested in it more :) This was a great surprise, and below are some pictures of the birthday cake! I had to make my own birthday cake, which kinda sucks, but John has to work so I can’t really be upset about it :P I really tried making the decorations looks good, and they don’t look bad, but in the end I just started playing around with the different tips :D


  1. Happy birthday! :D I think the cake looks fun, I’d definitely eat it ;)

    When I get paranoid about my age (I’m 28 so I’m even closer to 30. I panic a lot over this) I try to think that getting old should be a privilege. Not everyone live to be 30. Or even 26 :)

  2. Happy birthday! I was bummed last year when I realized how close I am getting toward 30. Then last night I realized people are right when they say the years just fly by once you get past 20 – boy-o-boy are they right! I do love your birthday gift. I’ve never decorated a cake either, but it seems like something fun to at least try once. I would have baked a cake just to try the tips out. :) I haven’t had a birthday cake in about three years though, kind of miss it.

  3. I had a huge problem with my 26th birthday too, which I just recently celebrated in November. People thought I would being weird about having a hard time with 26 (what?! it’s no different than 25! It’s not like you’re turning 30!) but you are the first person to recognize the same problem I had- it’s closer to 30 than 20. Thank you for being the first person to understand me like that.

    I’ve never decorated a cake besides icing it before either. Did you have fun doing it?

    Happy birthday!

  4. LOVERLY! I used to do cupcakes and such for my old job, but I’ve since then gotten out of practice. You are off to a great start though! Youtube has a TON of awesome decorating videos to show you how to do all sorts of weird icing style decorations. :DDD

    Don’t feel bad about making your own birthday cake, I’ve had to do mine forever because I don’t trust Will with baking (cooking dinner he is like some kind of greek chef god or something, BAKING however, not so much. :blush: )

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