Busy Time of Year

Yes, this time of the year is usually busy for most people. However, in my house, it’s busier than ever!

December 13 is John’s birthday. December 19 is our anniversary <3 December 25 is Christmas. December 31 is New Year's Eve. January 10 is my birthday! It's crazy! John and I decided that starting this year (well, next year technically) we are going to start putting about $50 per paycheck (so $100 a month) away in savings. This way, we’ll have roughly $1,200 each year to spend on Christmas/birthday/anniversary gifts! I hope we can do that because it would make everything so much easier to figure out and not get freaked out about where the money for gifts will come from! And, then, in March we have Easton’s birthday and he’s turning 1 this (next) year! At the end of the blog are some pictures from our family Christmas “shoot” we did :)

We are hoping to make it home back to Wisconsin for his first birthday. The main reason we are “trying” is because John is getting stationed down in Kentucky starting next year. As of right now, we are supposed to be leaving February 29, and that means if we leave that day, we have 10 days to make it back home. We were originally going to drive the whole way from way up here in Alaska down through Canada, but we decided that since we are leaving so close to Winter, the roads probably will still be pretty bad so we don’t want to risk it. Instead, we are planning on shipping the car down to Seattle, WA or Tacoma, WA a couple weeks early, then fly from here to there, then drive across to Wisconsin. It would be so exciting for me, as I haven’t been more west than Nebraska, so I’ll be seeing “a whole new world” ;)

What are everyone’s plans for Christmas, if any?


  1. monniibee

    21st Dec 2011 at 0131

    oh wow that is a busy holiday! but it seems like it makes that time of year more special since there so much family oriniatd things going on. best of luck!

  2. Katherine

    26th Dec 2011 at 2145

    I agree with you on waiting, I don’t care how used to driving on ice you are, it is still dangerous! And lets just be honest here, you are shipping precious cargo!

  3. Catherine

    27th Dec 2011 at 0239

    The holiday’s definitely sound very busy for you! So many birthday :X So twice as many gifts. :P

    I hope you are able to make it back to Wisconsin and that your plans work out. :) Getting to see ‘a new world’ make it even better. XD Btw the pictures are really cute!

  4. sinda

    6th Jan 2012 at 1930

    That sounds like so much fun to drive through the country like that. I haven’t seen much of the northern part of the west. Sam hasn’t really seen much of the country at all. I hope you’re excited about having a new home soon! Kentucky sounds like it will be a drastic change from Alaska.

    Sometimes I forget that our kids have the same birthdays, and it still freaks me out a little! I’m excited that EJ is going to be one! Have a blast with it.

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