Thanksgiving is Over

And now Christmas is around the corner! :D I’m a little depressed that John and I didn’t put up the tree this weekend, because it’s always been a tradition in both our families to do it the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I guess I’ll survive. I’m a little worried what the puppy is going to do with it!

Everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, how was it? This was only my second year celebrating away from home but only the first Thanksgiving we didn’t have company. It was just John and me and so we definitely have left-overs! I even cut recipes in half! Like last year, the turkey came out great and this year I took a stab at making the first ever pumpkin pie I’ve ever made! And it came out great! I loved it so much, I posted the recipe on the site so you guys can take a crack at it if you’d like :)

I was asked by an online friend to explain how to blend images together. She’s been attempting to for a while now and can never seem to get it right. I decided to write a tutorial for how I do my blending in Paint Shop Pro–with the selection tool. I hope it’s helpful to someone :D

Over the next few weeks I’m planning on getting a new layout up as well as re-working this current theme for download ( :O ) as well as *hopefully* creating some new themes all together. I’ve been slacking lately and I would like to stop!! :))


  1. Katherine

    29th Nov 2011 at 1416

    This is our first year hosting Christmas at our home, and it is also the first year our puppy and kitties get to see a tree in the house. While I’m sure Carnage will be fine, our cats already climb every tree surrounding the condo, so I’m a little interested to see what exactly happens once we get the bugger up. :)

    Luckily my Thanksgiving was a interesting mixture of both relaxed and a bit unnerving. William and I have been together for four years now and this Thanksgiving was the first time my Mother, Brother, and surrogate Uncle met his family. I was very nervous about them all meeting! :@ But luckily everything went well in the end! :D

    1. Courtney

      29th Nov 2011 at 1429

      That’s good that everything went well :D And believe me, you will have tons of fun with your cats! We had our cat last year, at the time he was only 5-6 months old, but every morning we’d wake up to ornaments on the floor and branches bent down (fake tree lol)

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