I’ve Had Enough!

I have put in my two weeks notice at American Eagle. Finally. I’d been thinking about it for awhile and last weekend just threw me over the edge.

I hadn’t been feeling all that great for about a week–unsettled stomach and just tired basically. Well, I went in to work on Friday night, supposed to work a 5pm-10pm shift. And the mall closes at 9pm so from 9pm-10pm it’s just cleaning. Well, one of the first things that my manager tells me is that at 6pm everyone gets off work besides me and this new manager Tim. So, um, 3 hours with only 2 workers on a Friday night?! I’m like, uhm… what?! So that just makes me feel about 10 times worse than I already felt. Tim suggested he call someone in so I could go home. I said okay to that, because I didn’t really feel like being there anymore and I wasn’t going to help sell anything in the mood I was in.

As I’m waiting for my husband John to pick me up, I get a call from work. They covered my shift Saturday so I can just stay home and feel better. Okay. Well, Saturday afternoon I’m relaxing with the hubs and the baby and I get another call from work. They’re cutting my hours. First of all, I only work Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So, now they are cutting my Sunday shift and my next Friday shift (which is actually tomorrow as this happened last weekend). I’m like, “okay… is there a reason why you are cutting all my hours?” Sundee (a manager I actually like) tells me that the other night was just an awkward situation she thinks and Chad (our new store manager) basically said if I don’t want to work the hours I’m given, then they’re going to cut them. Uhm… what?! So that just pissed me off and I told Sundee right then that I wanted to put in my two weeks notice. I’m through dealing with this shit. One night I don’t feel well and I don’t want to be 1 of only 2 people working on a Friday night so they decide to cut all my shifts?

WHAT. THE. FUCK. I would understand if it was a constant thing that happens when I work but, one night?! No. Nope. I’m done.

I’m thinking about applying at either Pac Sun, or Torrid…

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