Crazy Times!

Hey all. Sorry with the lack of blogging. John and I have been working on moving into our new place :D This is the story (I’ll try to make it short!), we live(d) on 600th st which is like 2-3 blocks from the main gate on the army post. Well, housing decided that they are going to demolish the housing buildings that we live in along with the ones around us. So, they have to move us all. Well, this isn’t going to be taking place til November most likely and we are leaving Alaska in the spring. We asked if we could move early, and they allowed us too, but we had to forfeit help from housing (to move our crap) and the $700 or so that we could use to move ourselves. Well, John has a broken finger and we don’t really have babysitters so these last couple days have been rough. Housing only gives you 5 days to move out and the old place has to be very clean. Anything that’s wrong with the place, we get charged for! Well, today is our last day to finish as they are inspecting at 4PM. It’s 11:20AM now and I’ve got everything done but cleaning out the fridge (which will probably take 1/2 hour) and then sweeping/mopping the entry. Then we’re done! It’s been very stressful but I’m so glad we are almost done. Then comes the long and rough task of UNpacking at the new place…. which is only about 1 mile from the old one…. Oh, and we get our new puppy in a couple days! :D I’ll post pics when we get her!


  1. Georgina

    21st Sep 2011 at 1943

    Five days to move out is really not a lot. :( I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope John gets better soon as well. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan. Take your time unpacking hehe. :)

    Can’t wait to see your pup. :D

    1. Courtney

      21st Sep 2011 at 2247

      Thanks sweetie! :) Yeah, we’re in NO rush anymore. We’ve had too much rushing around this last week so now we can relax a bit !!

  2. Katie

    22nd Sep 2011 at 0827

    WAY TO GO with moving chica! Wow, you are learning so much…and you are such a good mom. No, SUCH a good mom. So don’t feel bad! I was talking with a mom the other day and she was like, “Don’t let ANYONE tell you that having kids is easy…it’s the hardest thing.” Not that it’s not rewarding too! I love you! Thanks for telling me to read this, I have been out of the loop! Can’t wait to stay up on stuff!

    1. Courtney

      22nd Sep 2011 at 0934

      Thanks Katie! I’ve actually had a blog for many years, started I think around Freshman year at NWC :) It’s been interesting to read about your experiences in India too… It’s crazy all of us are spread over the world! It’s going to be weird next year when John and I are only 8 hours from home!

  3. Yasmine

    25th Sep 2011 at 1247

    Hi Courtney! I’m all moved into my new site ;P lol.

    Anywho… good luck with the move! It sounds all very exciting (not the broken finger and lack of a babysitter bit though). Hopefully you’re all settled in now. Let us know how you like it! And pleassssse post pictures of the pup!

    1. Courtney

      25th Sep 2011 at 1416

      Awesome! I’ve missed you! The move is done, we just need to upack :( lol And some pics of the pup will be in the next blog, probably tomorrow or Tuesday cuz I work tonight! :) I will have to check out your new site!!!

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