Vacation? Check!

So, John, Easton and I have been home for almost a month now… Well, home in Wisconsin that is. And you know what? I am so ready to be back in Alaska! I am missing my bed, my puppy, my free time to be online, and Easton’s swing. Yes, his swing. Whenever he is being “clingy” and won’t let me put him down without screaming at me, I usually would put him in his swing… well, we obviously couldn’t bring that with us so it’s been a little hellish without it. Also, the bed that we have been sleeping on is smaller than our queen bed back home and MUCH less comfortable… I miss my super pillow top! :D

Also, I am wanting to spend much more time on this site. It’s been way neglected since I got back into fanlistings and I’m kind of upset about that. I miss having a place to talk about what’s going on rather than just talk to John and the few “real-life” friends I have to talk to. I miss the community I guess, and I miss not having time to read other people’s blogs! :( Once we are back in Alaska (which, we actually leave tomorrow night) I plan on making a spanking new layout along with *hopefully* new content. I’ve been contemplating with getting rid of and just adding my blog as a subdomain on my collective, which is where I spend most of my time… not sure what to do…


  1. Risa

    10th Aug 2011 at 0939

    I always miss my home things too when I go away for long periods of time. Especially school when I go from a comfy queen bed to a mini rock twin bed xD Hope your able to get all the website stuff done you intended!

  2. Georgina

    10th Aug 2011 at 2102

    It’s all up to you, Courtney! I have gotten rid of quite a few domains knowing I don’t spend as much time on them, and for now they just exist as subdomains on my domain collective. It doesn’t bother me, I’m happy that I managed to cut costs. Haha. If you decide to get rid of your domain just make sure you let us all know where to find you. :) Many times I haven’t updated my website other than blogging, and that’s fine with me because I love blogging.

    I can just imagine Easton sitting in his swing, so cute and all, and that it would calm him down. I remember a family friend having one of those and her daughter was so happy once she was in the swing, she stopped crying. XD

  3. Catherine

    12th Aug 2011 at 1125

    That picture of Easton is so cute. :P It’s funny because I still remember you blogging about having doctor check ups, etc, and now he’s growing up so quickly. :3

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do! Don’t feel pressured to do anything, if you’re busy, you’re busy. xD

  4. lindsieq

    14th Aug 2011 at 2031

    Omg how are ya? The lil one is adorable, thanks for sharing the photo. Hope you enjoyed your lil *getaway”.

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