Updates on Server Move

Well I finished moving everything over to the new server :D I’m very happy about that! It took quite a while, but it was nice as I exported all my sql files so I just needed to update the mysql database infos on everything which wasn’t too bad. The only thing that wasn’t cool and I’m really confused about, is my Codesort images. For some reason ALL my 75×50 and 88×31 codes and most of my donated codes didn’t transfer over so I had to re-upload them all. I have no idea why, it was weird! Luckily, the rest of them had transferred, otherwise I would have had to re-upload over 3,000 codes! NO. THANK. YOU. My fanlisting collective is located here if anyone would like to join some? :)

I also was given a domain by someone from TFL that I decided to use for my icon hub. All the icons I have made and will make in the future are located there. For any Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans, those related fanlistings and icons are located at rogueslayer.net.

In other news, Easton has been trying to crawl! I posted a video on Facebook last night that we took of him trying… he was pushing with his legs but wasn’t going anywhere yet… it was so cute though! Also, we have started feeding him some baby carrots every other day or so for one feeding and he’s been doing great with that :D I put a few new pictures up on his page if anyone wants to check that out :)


  1. Hannah

    25th Aug 2011 at 2130

    Ahw, how exciting that he’s trying to crawl =D Cute ^^

    I’m a HUGE Buffy fan, so stumbling upon here was a very pleasant surprise! I’ll browse through all the icons in a bit =)

    1. Courtney

      25th Aug 2011 at 2131

      that’s funny cuz I JUST posted this! lol

  2. Catherine

    27th Aug 2011 at 0911

    Woo congrats on moving. :) I’ll check out the icon site. =]

    Aw Easton has been trying to crawl :P That’s so cute. I just looked at the Wisconsin pictures now, he’s adorable. :3

  3. Georgina

    30th Aug 2011 at 2022

    I’m crazy about making codes. It would drive me insane if I had to re-upload all of mine. I had to change hosts in the past because my website was down more of the time than up… this happened when I first got my domain. When I found a good host I didn’t bother moving when there was a bit of downtime because honestly, no server is perfect and has 100% uptime and it’s just not worth moving all my files just because I got a day or two of downtime. Besides, I’m hosted for free, so I don’t know why I should complain. :)

    I don’t use Codesort for my codes or fanlistings. I use it for one of my icon archives. :) It’s pretty easy to use.

    I used to have fanlisting hubs but it just ended up costing a lot of money. I now only have… two. Those are very near and dear to me. It’s just that in the past I’ve owned quite a couple but it effecitvely turned out to just be a lame excuse to buy a domain most times! :P

    Aw that’s great to hear about Easton. :) He’s growing up!

  4. Karin

    5th Sep 2011 at 0624

    Oooh, I love that you have a whole section with wolf icons *__*
    To bad the server/Codesort was acting up, but yeah – it would’ve been much worse if it had not transferred any of them.

    1. Courtney

      5th Sep 2011 at 1659

      haha it’s actually because my husband loves wolves and I was wanting to make some animal icons and asked him what animals I should make lol

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