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So, John and I got back from our Wisconsin vacation late last Wednesday night. Well, on Friday at work, John found out that while we were gone, the Army housing people decided that they were going to demolish the housing in our area. Including our housing. They are planning on demolishing in January (I really don’t know why they are going to do it in winter in Alaska…) and they are moving everyone in October.

John re-inlisted right before we left so he’ll be in for at least 5 more years, although he’s planning on a 20-year career so he has like 13 left I think. Well, anyway, we are actually leaving Alaska in the spring (about March time) for Kentucky because that’s where we are stationed next. He asked housing if we could move next month instead of waiting til October. They said we could do that, but if we move early we don’t get the $700 the Army pays for it. (because there’s a small window when the Army will actually pay-out… cheap bastards lol) Well, I asked John if we needed the money for the move. “No.” Well, then we don’t necessarily need it! It would be nice to have the extra money, but I’d rather move in early and be there for a little longer before we have to move AGAIN, you know?

So, starting this week I want to start working on getting some non-essential things packed up to make it a little easier when the time comes. I really don’t want to be rushed!

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  1. Paige

    19th Aug 2011 at 0833

    I LOVE the theme on your website! It’s very clean and unique. :)

    Good luck with your moves! It sounds quite complicated having to move around frequently. I hope they all go smoothly!

    You’re right, school is difficult regardless of your personality type, but if you’re shy, it just makes you weird by society’s standards. :(

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