Long Time…

Hey guys. Sorry it’s been a long time once again since I blogged! I’ve been super busy with trying to revamp a bunch of my fanlistings and I’ve been getting new adoptions and trying to take care of Easton and trying to clean the house because we are going home to Wisconsin on Thursday! Life is busy! I have TONS to blog about, but no time! :(

First off, 2 nights ago John and I were at the ER with Easton til 3AM… we had put him to bed around 11PM and we were about to go to sleep at 12:30AM, just got into bed when Easton started crying in his crib. So we went to check on him to see what was up, and there was puke ALL OVER HIM and around him in the crib, like a massive amount! He’s never thrown up before, maybe a little spit up when feeding and burping him, but not after a couple of hours of sleep. We grabbed him out cuz he was kind of choking on it since he sleeps on his back. We cleaned him and the crib up and he was acting normal so we were going to see if we could get him back asleep when he started heaving again, so we rushed to the ER and he puked a total of 3 more times, twice at the hospital. It was a very stressful night, driving to the ER I sat in the back with him, cleaning him off as he drooled and it was heartbreaking because he looked SO SCARED :(

At the ER, they said there was a bug going around, so that possibly was it. We had also changed water that we mixed formula with as Wal Mart was out of the usual stuff, so that could have not settled well in his belly :( We stayed there as we fed him PediaLyte and made sure he kept it down and finally were able to leave at 3AM. He’s been fine since then, but definitely not a fun night for anyone!

In happy news, John EJ and I are going home to Wisconsin on Thursday! We haven’t been home since after the wedding, we flew up here Jan 1 2010 so it’s been over a year! :( No one has seen EJ so it will be fun and we’ll be home for just under a month :D I’ll still be around (though mostly updating fanlistings probably) and I will try to update you all on anything interesting going on down there :D


  1. Mandie

    11th Jul 2011 at 1009

    Wow!! That sounds terrible (about Easton).. That definitely wouldn’t be a fun night for anyone. :( Poor guy! I’m glad to hear he’s okay now, though, that would have been pretty tramatic for you aswell, I’m sure. I hope you have fun heading home for the month-ish period! :)

  2. Sinda

    11th Jul 2011 at 1829

    I feel really blessed that we haven’t had a ton of stuff like that with Elijah. We did had one really feverish night of about 104, but that’s all it was. No throwing up, which luckily he has never done. ::crosses fingers:: I’m glad you guys made it through, and hopefully you’ll be able to catch up on the missed sleep!

  3. Catherine

    14th Jul 2011 at 1421

    Oh wow I’m sorry that happened to Easton. Just reading this blog I felt almost terrified imagining the situation. I am happy he is feeling better though and that it was just the bug. xP

    I hope you have a good time in Wisconsin!

  4. Georgina

    16th Jul 2011 at 1951

    Oh my that sounds terrifying, I’m glad he’s fine now, but imagining going through that you must have been really worried. Babies are so fragile! ;_;

    Best of luck with your fanlistings, haha! I applied for one – which I totally shouldn’t have – and I’m again thinking about adopting out a bunch. XD

    I hope you have a good trip, everyone will be happy to see Easton hopefully! ;D Sounds like a celebration.

  5. lindsie

    19th Jul 2011 at 1646

    Hey sorry I have been so busy, just wanting to check up on you and the little one.

    Sucks to hear that happened. Whether their babies or toddlers things like that scare me. I am glad to hear you took the right step and went to the hospital. Deff. a good thing to be cautious. I am glad he is better though and have fun on your trip back home. I’m sure it’ll be fun and everyone will be excited to see you, your husband and your new little addition.

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