So, John is finally home and yesterday we took more pictures with our great friend April who takes amazing pictures! We will most likely get the CD with all the pics around Thursday this week as we are going over there again to watch some TV shows together :D I miss going over there for the Amazing Race, so we are trying to find new shows to get into together. The pictures turned out so good though! She posted a few she had edited on her photography facebook page and… ah… SO ADORABLE! I wish he was that cute all the time! haha!

Well, once again I’ve neglected this site and updating… Not much has really happened though. Except I did take Easton to the ER a couple of days ago because he’s been doing this weird think with his neck and making werid faces that I got scared and thought he might be having some sort of seizures! :( A very stressful day for me as they had to take some blood from him and the doctors and staff up here in Alaska I don’t think they know what they are doing. It took them about 1/2 hour and 3 sticks (one in his arm and two in his foot/leg) to get what they needed and I was holding him while he just stared at me and SCREAMED. I felt so bad, I was bawling with him!! I’m not a person who would bitch at them for being so incompetant, but I AM a person who comes home and bitches and cries about it to other people. I mean, they even have trouble getting blood from ME up here and back home in Wisconsin I used to give blood all the time and NEVER had a problem with them not being able to find a vein. I just hope he never has to go through it again…. I felt SO BAD! :( On the plus side, I had the follow-up appointment the next day with my favorite Ped doctor and she said everything looks fine, just to keep an eye on it. He hasn’t been doing it too much now, so it might just be he’s learning how to stretch his neck and stuff… she said it’s so hard to differentiate at these ages.

So, new layout! Yeah, I just downloaded one. I wanted something kinda simple but still looking nice, and I’m too impatient to make my own. haha. Maybe next time.

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