3 Days Down…

Hey all. So, it’s been forever since I really blogged, and I’m so sorry about that! I’ve been caught up with fanlistings! I’ve been adopting a lot, getting approved for lots of new ones, and helping out others with theirs. I’m still really busy with that, plus taking care of Easton, but I really felt it was time to blog again.

Now that Easton is almost 3 months old (officially 3 months on the 10th) it’s about time to post pictures from our 1-month-old photo session with our good friend April. haha! As always, click on a picture to get the full-size view… (well, I scaled them down so they aren’t MEGAhuge) We didn’t do any type of photo session for EJ’s 2-month, but I’m hoping April and I can do something this month.

For those that don’t know, John (my husband) left Monday morning around 8AM down to Anchorage (6 hours from here) to go to some leadership training school. Even though he’s been an NCO (non-commissioned officer) for almost a year now, he still has to go to the school to be able to be promotable to E-6. (He’s E-5 now, which is his pay-grade for those that don’t know Army lingo :P ) So, for the first time I am all along with Easton. For 17 days. Holy crap. Not that I don’t love my baby boy, I do, I just haven’t learned patience yet and some days he stresses me out too much and I don’t know how to handle it. I feel like a horrible mother when he’s screaming and crying and I don’t know why until finally I figure out he’s hungry. But, I just fed him an hour and a half ago and he ate 6 oz!!! And of course he’s going through his 3-month growth spurt, so this thing will happen a few times I’m sure! Oh, and to top it all off, I just got my first postpartum period… first time since last June, actually, and these cramps are KILLER! I never had cramps this bad… I hardly ever had cramps at all (lucky, I know) and when I did a little Midol would make them go away. Right now, I have to take 2-4 Midol AND Ibuprofen to get any relief. :( I love being a woman. (not!)

It’s so much more fun (not that the first 2 months weren’t fun…) now that Easton smiles consciously… it’s SO CUTE! I love him! I will try to update a little more frequently, especially with pictures! :D


  1. BEBE

    12th Jun 2011 at 0443

    awww.. Easton is soooo adorable!! :) I can see ho handsome he’ll be when he grows up! :) I’m excited to be a mom too in the future… I think being a mom is a very wonderful feeling.. :)

    1. Courtney

      16th Jun 2011 at 1701

      It definitely is an amazing feeling… but it definitely will change your life! :D

  2. Rachel

    13th Jun 2011 at 0232

    Easton really is absolutely adorable! The pictures came out great too! I’ve babysat a lot of kids and gone with some to do pictures like these. The pictures never turn out as wonderful as these did!

    I absolutely love the little gansta picture! He’s the cutest little guy ever! I can’t believe Easton is only 3 months old! He looked like he would be a little bit older then that; not that this is a bad thing!

    So what is he like? Does he keep you up all night or does he sleep well? Is he a fussy baby or a happy baby? :)

    1. Courtney

      16th Jun 2011 at 1701

      Yeah, our friend April does a great job :D We’re lucky that she doesn’t charge us (but we still give her something for her time and effort!)

      He has been pretty good now sleeping through the night (as like 11PM to anywhere from 6-8AM) and then will go back to sleep for a few more hours. At first, he was like any other baby, waking every 2-3 hours to eat. We still have to swaddle him though for him to sleep well. If we don’t his hands hit his face and wake him up :( He’s a pretty happy baby, unless he’s hungry :P

  3. Kim

    14th Jun 2011 at 1525

    Wow, I’ve had so many issues with my website for half a year that I never got a chance to check up on you at least every now and then. It’s been so long! I remember reading once when you were barely pregnant! Awww. Your baby boy is very very cute!!!! :) Too bad your period is back on track now. Periods really suck -_- You were pretty lucky about not having cramps before at least, haha. I don’t like taking meds for pain such as that, but my cramps have gotten so bad that I definitely need to take some for relief.

  4. Georgina

    15th Jun 2011 at 2108

    You have been on a fanlisting roll! Then again, I have too. So I was neglecting my blog for a bit, and haven’t been around reading comments because of all the fanlistings I’ve been adopting and stuff. I have also revamped some. XD I have been blogging so erratically it’s crazy.

    I love the photos from the photoshoot, he’s growing up isn’t he? :) He’s really cute. :D

    I am sure you’ll be alright on your own. *hugs* You have all our support. And I hope the cramps get better, they’re never fun. Get well!

  5. Terin

    18th Jun 2011 at 0547

    Easton is freaking adorable! Sucks that you have to be alone for 17 days, but I’m sure that it will go well. Bonding time!

  6. Catherine

    18th Jun 2011 at 1538

    N’aw he looks so cute. :) Gosh it’s crazy to imagine that it’s already been three months! It seems like just a couple of weeks ago you were blogging about going to the doctors office and getting scans etc. :’)

    Oh I hope everything goes fine during those days where your husband is away! It sounds really stressful, but you seem like you know what you’re doing, I’m sure you’ll be fine :)!! Best of luck :’)

  7. lindsie

    23rd Jun 2011 at 1721

    First off – he is soooo adorable omg how cute! I love babies!!! I hope you and the family are doing well. It’s been a while since we’ve spoke but im glad things are working out~!!!

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