Springtime is Here

I really hate springtime. Yeah, it’s (usually) really pretty out as everything is growing back and turning green. Well, up here in Alaska it kinda looks like the beginning of winter… everything still is pretty dead and it’s chilly. Oh, the other thing I hate about springtime, cold season. 2 days ago I started to get this sore throat. Hurts when I swallow my own spit let alone anything else (even water! :( ), hurts when I talk, hurts when I cough. Well, I didn’t get a cough until yesterday, and now today, my cough is even worse and the sore throat is actually affecting my voice! :( I just hope it becomes a little bearable so I can eat breakfast.

On a little bit of a happier note, John and I had a military appreciation banquet that we went to last night. :) Free food, men in uniform, and ladies in (semi)formal dresses. I spent about 45 minutes on my hair, and did something a little different. I usually just curl curl curl my hair because I love my hair curly, especially now that it’s grown out a lot more :) Well, we were running a little shorter on time, so I frenchbraided the front part (mostly to make sure it’d stay out of my face!) and then curled the rest of it. I really like how it turned out, and even though I didn’t wear a *formal* dress, I think I looked pretty nice :D The only formal dress I have is black and white (mostly black) that I wore to the Winter Ball in 2009. First of all, I can’t get it zipped anymore :( and second, I wasn’t about to wear black to a SPRING event. :P

I plan on returning comments. Honest. Just, not sure when…? Also, I am thinking about changing the layout, but I need an idea… I’ve been working on fanlistings for so long I can’t get those types of layouts out of my head… and I’ll probably go to Catherine again for the layout because this one turned out amazing… :)

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  1. Dawnly

    8th May 2011 at 1743

    Happy Mother’s Day! <3

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