Who’s Your Favorite?

Life is starting to get a little bit easier around here. A little bit. Easton has been pretty good about getting 4 and sometimes even 6 hours of sleep when we first put him down at night (when we go to bed) before his first night feeding. That’s been pretty nice. BUT after that he must feel the need to make up for it and wakes every 2 or 3 hours. Which means I only get 1 or 2 hours of sleep after that at a time because it takes about an hour to feed him, change him, get him back to sleep and to fall asleep myself. Then he’ll be up in an hour or two. *sigh* At least John is coming around and suggested we start doing “shifts” again, even during the week! :D (I think he didn’t like me putting it all on him on the weekends, even though it was all on me during the week!) Oh well, at least that means I can hopefully get a little more sleep even during the week. :)

We are getting more pictures taken tonight :D We decided we aren’t going to do any family pictures this time, it’ll be strickly pictures of Easton and he’s got a super cute outfit! It’s a little dress shirt, vest and khaki pants! SO CUTE! Pics will be up once our friend who does our pics edits them and gets them to me.

So, I’m a little bit curious who out there is watching American Idol each week? And who are you all voting for? Angry about any of the people who have been voted off (or should be and haven’t yet)? Personally, I am loving Lauren and James, and of course John is loving Scotty. I am SO SICK of Jacob and Stefano… they KEEP singing ballads only, and the judges kept bitching to Pia about how she was only singing ballads, yet they say NOTHING to them! I want them gone and I was really upset last week when Paul got voted off and not Stefano. I think he’s only still there cuz he’s got all these teeny-bopper little girls voting for him cuz he’s “so hot”. :uhm: WHAT. EVER.


  1. Sinda

    18th Apr 2011 at 0514

    I hate all of them! I really just love Casey. And Pia was good. Paul was ok, but he’s gone now too. The problem is the judges. They had a lot of talent in the beginning, but I think they don’t have good mentors, they’re singing stupid songs, and the judges aren’t doing their job. You can’t just tell everyone they did great. Back when it was Simon and Paula, they told the contestants the truth, and that often helped “America” vote. Now it’s just, “uh…everyone’s great…who should I vote for?” Pia probably went home because people thought she would be safe so they voted for someone else. Naima should never have been there. Haley is good, but I am very surprised she’s lasted this long. I mean, it’s not like there aren’t good women vocalists out there. Its just that “America” is really like 50 million teenage girls who aren’t turned on by other women. I think that the voting part should just be taken away. Like in So You Think You Can Dance. They don’t rely solely on voting until the show is half over.

    Sorry. Rant-alicious. :)

    1. Courtney

      19th Apr 2011 at 0810

      I agree on the judges. I haven’t actually watched a whole season of American idol since the first season. I usually only watch the auditions and the last few episodes if any at all. I understand they are all super good this season, but you are right–the judges just tell them they were great and don’t offer too much ADVICE… isn’t that the point of it all?

      1. Sinda

        19th Apr 2011 at 1133

        They’re not even that good. Casey is good, and that’s like it. Lauren is ok, but her voice is a dime a dozen. Last season there weren’t really any good singers, and the ones that were got sent home. The season before, with Adam Lambert, there were a few good singers. Obviously not Kris Allen. There hasn’t really been a super star winner since Carrie. Jordin Sparks has songs and is famous, but I can only think of two songs of hers that made it to the radio. I think this show is past it’s prime.

        1. Courtney

          19th Apr 2011 at 1209

          I disagree that they aren’t all good. Lauren is amazing for only 16 years old, Scotty sounds awesome and I love James. The only reason I like Casey is cuz he’s different. He doesn’t sound that great.

  2. Georgina

    19th Apr 2011 at 0542

    I’m glad things are starting to get easier for you. *hugs* No doubt you’ll still been busy but you’re getting there. <333

    I can't wait to see the photos, I really can't. Sounds like a super cute outfit and one you'll still 'awww' at in years to come.

    I don't watch those reality television shows. I don't like when there's obvious bias or the show just looks like it's been rigged. No one wants to watch it when the same people are being attacked or the same people are getting through each week. I hate reality television because it just plays with the contestants' emotions and makes you want to watch pointless crap that they edit the hell out of. D: I know that sounds bitter but I really feel that way. ;_;

    1. Courtney

      19th Apr 2011 at 0811

      I totally agree! I hate reality tv shows… I only am watching American Idol as the hubs likes it and this season I like a few of the singers really well. This is the first season I’ve watched since the first season when Kelly Clarkson won lmao

  3. lindsie

    19th Apr 2011 at 1701

    Hey chicki! I haven’t watch American Idol in like 2-3 years lol. Haven’t really been a TV person lately. And if so it’s because of the hubby and/or kids watching something, However, I hear everyone talking about Pia. Don’t know who she is but it seems everyone is upset she is gone?

  4. Ash

    21st Apr 2011 at 0202

    Omg I wish my husband woul suggest things like schedules. This is my first time here and viewing from my phone and I’m on the wp app so cannot quite see the beauty of your blog! I hope you guys have a good time taking pictures of Easton! Love that name by the way. Err I haven’t been up to date with American idol although I say I will stick to it thru and thru Haaaa I miss a nice then all the excuses unfolds. Sucky. But just wanted to say hello.

    1. Courtney

      21st Apr 2011 at 1231

      Aw! Well, thanks for stopping by! :D Yeah, my husband SUGGESTS schedules, but we really haven’t yet to stick to them cuz we keep staying up too late so by the time we go to bed, he’ll only get 4-5 hours of sleep so I’m still stuck getting up in the middle of the night! ah! ;)

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