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Why do I feel like I’ll be up in the middle of the night writing a lot of these posts? I just woke up to Easton crying for a bottle, so I stopped in his room to try and calm him down by giving him a pacifier. No luck. So I go downstairs and make him a bottle, ready to hear the screaming once I start back up the stairs. I get all the way back to his room, check in the crib and he’s sleeping again. WTF? lol. Now I’m sitting here waiting until he’s awake again and ready to eat because I hate waking him up and it’s pointless to go back to sleep because he’s still halfway awake, making grunting sounds and such. Lame.

In other (happy) news, he’s been getting some more “tummy time” and is somewhat enjoying it! Tummy time is what is recommended for newborns and infants starting as soon as you want to start it. You lay down your baby on his tummy on the floor or your chest. If it’s on the floor, you MUST make sure you watch him as they usually aren’t too great about holding up their head and they could suffocate :( Easton has been really good at holding up his head since like a week old! He now has done it without support for upwards of a minute! That’s really remarkable for how young he still is! :D

Alright, he’s starting to stir again so I guess I will give in and wake him up completely. I want to go back to sleep! Thanks for letting me do a midnight rant!


  1. Lindsie

    12th Apr 2011 at 0500

    Awe! I hope you were finally able to get some sleep last night! That’s one thing I don’t miss is getting up in the middle of the night all night long. I had my real sleep when my husband got home from work. But he would stay up nights too to help so that helped out alot. I hope your enjoying motherhood. It can be tough n tiring :) its all worth it!

  2. Kelsey

    12th Apr 2011 at 1920

    First off, congrats on giving birth! I realize that I’m a little late but I still feel the need to congratulate. That’s unfortunate that you have to wake up in the middle of the night all the time but that’s the routine with most newborns. I know when my mom brought home my twin sisters when they were born (I was 6 at the time), I couldn’t get sleep myself because they always woke up at random times in the middle of the night. Sometimes I had to help my mom warm up a bottle or something (even though I had school in the morning (it was only kindergarten but still)). I did learn some very valuable life lessons and I’m sure if I ever give birth, I will be very well prepared.

  3. Georgina

    14th Apr 2011 at 0554

    You’re doing well! *hugs* I guess this is going to be so regular but you sound like you’re getting used to it already. :)

    Tummy time sounds cute. I never knew that, I guess I kind of learned something new. Sounds like Easton is a fast grower. I hope you get a little more sleep soon. :D

  4. Catherine

    14th Apr 2011 at 0911

    Lol that’s pretty funny how his mood changes xD Babies :’) I’m sorry you’re having to wake up in the middle of the night though D: I guess it’s just one of those things xD

    That’s great that there’s been a success with this tummy time :) I enjoy reading about all of these things, I love how we got to read your blogs up to having the baby and now get to read as you deal with the baby etc. It sounds like you’re getting used to it :D

  5. Gabi

    14th Apr 2011 at 1608

    Congrats on becoming a new mom, first of all! I remember reading that you were pregnant awhile ago. :)

    It’s a horrible comparison since a puppy is very different from a human baby, but if I had a hard time dealing with the constant demands of my dogs when they were pups, I’m sure raising a baby is a million and a half times more demanding. You seem to be fairly cheerful despite the lack of sleep. I’ve met some very tired and scary new mothers before. Honestly, I don’t blame them.

    I’ve never heard of tummy time, but it sounds adorable. Gosh, I love babies. <3

  6. Dawn

    15th Apr 2011 at 2010

    Ugh! It gets better as they get older.
    Brayden still hates tummy time. He cries and shrieks. But he can half way roll over…which is some what decent, lol.

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