I’m Still Here!

I feel like I’m neglecting this blog so much, but I’ve been so busy! :( I’ve also been busy working on my collective in the way of opening new fanlistings and helping an online friend with a bunch of hers. Now I’m out of fanlistings to work on, however I have 5 that I’m waiting on approvals for and also a few adoptions I’m waiting to see if I get or not. :D

Yesterday my cousin Katie flew up from Iowa (where she is going to college… she’s actually from Wisconsin like me) for Easton’s baptism! :D He’s getting baptized on Easter and it’s so cool, we are really excited! Today John, Katie and I dropped Easton off at a friend’s and then we drove an hour to the hot springs to relax in! It was so nice! It’s a crazy feeling because you walk into this tiny thing of water that looks and feels like a lake (gravel-y things under your feet!) yet it’s hotter than a hot tub…. CRAZY!

I just wanted to stop by really quick and let you all know I’m still alive… just busy! I will do a “real” blog later, maybe once this crazy weekend is over? :P


  1. Lyssa Honey

    24th Apr 2011 at 1051

    omg… this totally made me want to join some fanlistings… I haven’t took part in any of those in ages… what’s the main directory that they’re listed on?

    1. Courtney

      24th Apr 2011 at 1756

      My collective is i-adore.net :)

  2. Mimi

    25th Apr 2011 at 1339

    So… I read your birth story. And it made me you know what hurt (reading about the 3rd degree tear). And MAN, the epi faded during the final phase?? I don’t think I would be able to handle it lol. BUT CONGRATULATIONS! Your baby boy is very adorable btw.

    Whoooo, that means your son has been baptized. Happy joy joy, congratulations!

  3. Terin

    28th Apr 2011 at 1748

    The baptism sounds like it was amazing. I want to see some photos!

    Congrats on the baby!

  4. Catherine

    29th Apr 2011 at 0534

    Aw it sounds like you’ve been having a good time. :) I hope Easton’s baptism went well! :D

    I am glad you got a chance you relax :P I imagine bringing up a child has been a lot of work!

    Don’t feel pressured to blog if you’re busy! Just do it when you have the time ;D

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