Time to Have a Baby!

Yep that’s right! I am about half and hour away from heading to the hospital for my induction! :D It was kind of crazy, because yesterday I had my last NST and little Easton was fine, they didn’t have to wake him up or anything. I’ve been having irregular Braxton Hicks contraction for days now, if not weeks. They’ve just been more prominent and easier to feel this last week. I am hoping they’ve done SOMETHING because I still have no idea if I’m dialated or not. At my appointment last Thursday my doctor asked if I wanted her to check but I said no cuz I think I would have been more anxious if I actually KNEW, ya know?

Then, last night around 9PM John and I were trying to finish some last minute cleaning around the house when the hospital called me. They said there was an opening and could get us started right then if we wanted. I SO wanted to say, heck yes! Cuz I want my baby so bad, to finally see him in my arms, but I turned the offer down. I mean, we weren’t completely ready and I kinda felt I wanted to have SOME sleep before it happened rather than going through the entire night in labor and everything. Oh well. It’s not like it’s not going to happen today :P

Thanks to everyone for your good luck wishes and everything! It makes me smile each time I read your comments! I will most likely be updating throughout the day on facebook and twitter, so check for updates if you’re interested! :) I will see you all in a few days!


  1. Chrisie

    9th Mar 2011 at 0614

    Yay! He’s on his way! Soon we’ll all get to see the little guy. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures. :)


  2. Christine

    9th Mar 2011 at 0744

    Hey good luck with everything! I cannot wait to see photos of your little bundle of joy! =]

  3. Dawnly

    9th Mar 2011 at 1144

    omg, so excited for you!
    keep us updated <3

  4. Becca

    9th Mar 2011 at 1435

    WOOOOOOOOO BABY! So excited for pictures, I hope everything goes as planned xo!

  5. Emiley

    10th Mar 2011 at 1430

    Good luck!!! Cant wait to see the piccies <3

  6. Tina

    12th Mar 2011 at 0107

    Good luck! Hope everything goes fine!

  7. Catherine

    12th Mar 2011 at 1405

    Sounds exciting :D I’m excited and I’m not even there, lmao :P

    I hope everything goes to plan :)!!

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