The Date Has Been Set!

Welcome to the new domain! Nothing really has changed besides there’s no more hyphen in the URL, however I did have to go through almost every single one of my pages on WordPress to change headers in the HTML. I ordered this awesome theme from Catherine (to celebrate Easton’s birth!) and I didn’t really want to add a bunch of headers as my themes had 5 of them! That’s just too many I think, so I had to go through and change them all. But, now that I’m done with that, I feel so relieved that I can sit back and relax now til Easton is born :D

And the date has been set for the induction! Sorry, I would have posted it on the other domain, but I had already exported and imported my posts and I didn’t want a new one over there and not here…. you know? Anyway, if he doesn’t come early (which it doesn’t seem he will :P ) we are heading to the hospital bright and early on March 9. Well, not bright as the sun won’t be up at 6AM but it’s very early. Especially as they told me to make sure I have something small to eat before I go in. So, I will have to wake up at like 4 or 4:30 to shower and have breakfast. Fun. But it’s really exciting to know that I have only 4 days at most til my little boy will be in my arms! :yay: I won’t be able to much in the way of updating you all, although I will try to update on Twitter, but once we get back from the hospital (normal stay is about 3 days) you can expect to see many many pictures! :D

Along with getting everything transferred from the other domain over here, I decided to open up a Design Shop. I’m not the best web designer in the world, but I’ve been helping an online friend with a bunch of her fanlisting layouts and I realized how much I’ve missed it! I plan on practicing and getting better at the pen tool and my coding skills are pretty awesome already! Like my modestly, yes? :P I think it’s ridiculous that some people charge upwards of like $50 for a freaking WordPress theme these days! I’ve never ordered one of those expensive ones, but dude, that’s definitely a lot of money! The cheapest thing I offer is $1 and the most expensive is $10 so you should definitely check me out if you need something done!

How have you all been?


  1. Georgina

    6th Mar 2011 at 0421

    Hahha I know we’ve been chatting by email but I still find it mildly amusing that despite being pregnant and going through a, dare I say it – epic – period of your life, you are able to come online and blog and all that fancy stuff. I’m sure you will keep us updated when you can and a day or two off Twitter should be something we can all deal with. XD BESIDES, there will be pictures when you come back. Which is what we’re all waiting for… I can’t wait. *huggles* Best of luck with the birth! <3

    I'm glad you sorted out the importing posts and all that. XD I hope I didn't leave you too much in the dark! The new theme is lovely, Catherine did such a lovely job.

    I charged a few people more than $10 for a theme, they directly asked me, seeing as I don't advertise my service. They were happy to pay my price of $25. In the real world, you're right, people would charge a lot more. And some people do a crazily awesome job…

    I think that I start with a price a bit higher than usual and then lower it if the person can't pay or is short on cash. I don't know why I don't advertise my service, I'm scared so many people are going to ask… XD

    1. Courtney

      6th Mar 2011 at 1001

      Well, it’s pretty easy to stay online and do all this stuff right now because I don’t have the energy to do anything else but sit! hahaha And, no you didn’t leave me in the dark! It probably would have taken me quite awhile to figure out how to save my posts and pages cuz I didn’t realize WordPress had that feature XD

  2. Christa

    6th Mar 2011 at 0959

    Exciting! I can’t wait to see pictures. My younger brothers wife (yeah, I don’t claim her) is pregnant and found out Friday they’re having a boy & an X friend just had a baby in December. It seems there’s something in the water. haha. Good luck with everything on the 9th! :)

    I’m glad to hear someone is finally doing a shop where you can actually afford things! I’ve been looking around at designs for another website of mine and $50 to $200 for a design is just way too much.

  3. Terin

    6th Mar 2011 at 1642

    I love the theme! Catherine did a great job!! Two more days before little Easton makes his appearance. I’m happy for you.

  4. Sinda

    6th Mar 2011 at 1709

    Don’t be too excited for a March 9th birthday. We were super excited for the day of our induction ,and then it was still 2 more days until we had our baby. Induction or no induction, Easton will come when he wants to. So, as much as I hope you get your baby sooner rather than later, keep that in mind. I wish someone had really told us that it was highly likely that Elijah wouldn’t have been born on the day we went in to induce. Thinking I was getting my baby out of me made me so upset when it didn’t happen right away.

    Also, if Easton bides his time, he could be exactly 1 year younger than my little guy. His bday is March 10th.

  5. Dawnly

    6th Mar 2011 at 1951

    I’m completely digging this theme, love! <3

  6. Noelle

    7th Mar 2011 at 0528

    Absolutely lovely layout!!

    And oh how exciting you’re gonna get induced! I wish you all the best for the coming days, I can’t imagine how much joy a birth can give you! :)

  7. Catherine

    8th Mar 2011 at 0812

    Hurray :D I was really excited to see this layout ‘up and in action’ :D

    I am so excited to see the pictures and hear all about :) You sound so organised with all of it XD In TV shows it’s usually just, “my water brokeeee!” And everyone washing around.

    That’s cool that you opened a shop :) Those prices are reasonable I think. I charge really cheap for my designs mostly because I never really have to make really complicated designs for big companies or anything; and I’m still improving and stuff with my designs anyways xD

    1. Courtney

      8th Mar 2011 at 0935

      I KNOW! But in reading about pregnancy and stuff and talking to doctors and nurses, in reality, less than 25% of women have their water break before they are actually in labor. They just spice all that stuff up for the TV! haha

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