We’re Getting Closer!

Hey all. Sorry I feel like I’ve been MIA lately and I don’t really have a good excuse. Unless pregnancy is a good enough excuse because that’s my only reason for being so lazy lately! I had a big burst of energy the other day and I wanted to clean the house with the hubby, but instead we were watching TV for most of the night and then I got in a bad mood cuz I really wanted to get things done and instead we just sat there. I was a little upset with him, cuz I at least did the dishes while he was still sitting there watching TV. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll get the burst again (hopefully soon!) and I’ll make more of it–even if the hubby doesn’t! I was able to work a little bit on Easton’s room. I put away all the clothes we have so far for him up to 12 months. We don’t have much! We have a few things for 0-3 months, less for 3-6 months, NOTHING for 6-9 months and like 2 things for 9-12 months. We have a whole tote full of 18 months clothes as we found a couple on the Air Force base near here that were selling the tote of clothes for like $35. Nice deal, right? So, once we get up to 18 months we’ll be set for awhile! lol We just need to get the stuff we’ll need soon!!! This next paycheck we are planning on finally getting the bed-set for the crib, and probably some more clothes. We have a pretty nice coupon for Once Upon a Child so we’ll probably be going there!

Updates on health issues… I went in for a NST on Monday morning and little Easton was sleepy and not really responding to anything so I was sent upstairs to L&D to be monitored longer because they have to see good heart accelerations during these tests. I was so upset because I was starving for lunch and John couldn’t leave work to come see me so I had to sit there for two hours hungry and bored. Easton was fine, he had finally woken up so it was really pointless that I went up there at all :( Also, yesterday I had my regular OB appointment and my glucose levels in the morning have been getting a little higher. This was bothering me as I eat the same couple of things for breakfast because I know that they are good with my sugar levels and I know where they should be. Well, my fasting levels (first thing in the morning before I do anything I have to test) are a little high to start with, and we all know that just makes the levels all day be too high. So, my doctor prescribed a pill for me to take with my dinner. This will apparently help keep my fasting and breakfast numbers down. I started taking it last night and so far it worked! My fasting level was 10 points lower than it’s been, which is good :) We’ll see if it keeps it up! :D [1. A little off-topic, but Easton has the hiccups right now! SO CUTE!]

The last few days I’ve been really working on my collective and joining more fanlistings. I’ve been too interested in creating fanlistings just to have some, and it’s really dumb. From now on I’m going to only try to get fanlistings that I actually want to have, and I’m trying to join more (there are too many that I want to join! lol). If you have a fanlisting or a collective and would like to affiliate with mine, let me know! I really want to get more into my collective rather than it just being “there”.


  1. Holly

    9th Feb 2011 at 1230

    Thank you. I’m glad you like the Converse. Nope, they’re not custom design ones, they’re just awesome!

    I think that’s a good enough excuse for being lazy haha! I have no excuse, I’m just a lazy person.

    I love joining fanlistings. I get a bit addicted to it at times!

  2. Kat

    10th Feb 2011 at 0831

    I think pregnancy is a great excuse, because after all you’ll be busy when the baby comes anyway, might as well chill for now hehe :)
    wow sounds like you have quite a bit to buy, but at least you’ve got a fair bit for 18 months so you can have a breather for a while then
    aww that sucks that you had to wait so long being hungry but yay for your fasting levels coming down i hope they stay down :)
    I love joining fanlistings I’ve joined so many I’ve lost count. I have 3 fanlistings at the moment I don’t think i’ll create any more though it’s too hard work with everything going on at the moment

  3. Catherine

    11th Feb 2011 at 1111

    I have those moments xD I’ll feel really lazy – and then all of a sudden I’ll be so energetic :P

    If you’re feeling lazy – it’s fine ‘cos you’re pregnant lol!

    G’luck with your collectives. I literally am not a member of ANY fanlistings Dx it’s pretty bad.

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