Update on Life!

Hey all. Sorry I haven’t been around much. The last few days I’ve been super busy setting up my new collective! The wonderful Georgina is hosting it on her hosting domain. You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for hosting! She’s super helpful and quick in setting you up :D

Update on the whole vet situation from last week… They did NOT give us free medications!! :( I talked to the lady at the front desk after she gave me the meds and said it would be $46 or something like that. I was like, “Um… hello? Our dog got sick HERE, we were kinda hoping you would give us these for free since she wouldn’t have gotten sick if I hadn’t brought her in.” She had to call their administrator and all he would do was give us a 20% discountWOW that’s like a whole $5! :glare: I tried talking to him, but I get super emotional dealing with authority and my pregnancy does help, so I started crying when talking to him (on the phone) and I just gave up and asked them to bill us because we couldn’t afford it right now. So upset at myself and the lady talked to the guy for another minute, then told me they would send us a bill and I said OK and walked out. Dakota is doing much better since being on the meds :D I know because she is healthy the Kennel Cough doesn’t really pose a threat to her, she doesn’t NEED to meds, but it makes her life so much easier! Those first two days she looked like SHIT cuz she hadn’t gotten any sleep because she was having coughing fits every 20 minutes or so! :( Now she looks SO much better and I haven’t heard her cough in days :D The meds are almost gone, so she’s most likely very close to being over it!

Site-wise, I am planning on moving this domain over with my collective. I’ve been having a few issues with my current host’s server. During all this time I was trying to transfer my fanlistings over to the new domain, I couldn’t sign in to my FTP on crazy-cordy or sign in to my email… It would just take forever to load, and when it finally did load, it would say I typed something in wrong… Which I know I didn’t. :( I also ordered a WP theme from Catherine, which will be going up as soon as Easton is born! I wanted one to kinda “announce” our little baby boy being born, and Catherine is amazing at graphics and coding, so I decided to order from her. I love the way it turned out, and I’m sure you all will too!

The countdown is officially 3 weeks 3 days, but it’s really only like 2 weeks! They are planning on inducing me if he hasn’t come by the 39th week (because of my GD and his size). My next growth scan is March 4, but I don’t know if we’ll make it that far! lol I told my husband that if Easton doesn’t come out by the end of this week (my weeks start on Wednesdays) I’m going to start walking and excersising to get him to come out sooner! I really don’t want an induction!! :P

How is everyone else doing? I feel like I’ve been away forever!


  1. Jenn

    20th Feb 2011 at 1244

    That is really sad that they wouldn’t give you the medication for free, seeing as it is their fault that your dog got sick. Medication is expensive and for animals it is always out of pocket. We took our dog in one day and they spent all of five minutes looking at her and said nothing was wrong yet they had the nerve to bill us $200.00! I understand that they need to make a living too but five minutes of a vet’s time? Crazy.

    Wow you are getting close! My mother was 2 weeks late with me, I didn’t want to come out! My brother was 2 weeks early though. I wouldn’t want to be induced but sometimes it is good if you can plan the day your baby is born (for the most part).

  2. Catherine

    20th Feb 2011 at 1713

    Aw that sucks that you didn’t get them for free. At least they gave you a discount I guess, since your stressed out it makes sense that you accepted it, instead of stressing yourself out more. Maybe now they’ll know not to let it happen again . Dx

    Woo I’m excited for the layout :) I am very happy with how it turned out too :)

    1. Courtney

      20th Feb 2011 at 1718

      Me too! (excited for the layout) :D I was actually tweaking it a little bit, adding the right codes in the footer and everything… Took me a while to figure out how to get the sidebar to work though, without manually putting in the widget codes…. lol But I figured it out! :D I think I might put it up a little early… or at least once I move the site because I’m going to have to put it in maintenance mode while I fix all my pages :P

  3. Sinda

    21st Feb 2011 at 1349

    Induction in no way guarantees a due date :( I was induced at 7 am monday morning, and my little guy came out via c section on wednesday night. Near the end I swore that if they didn’t decide to induce me I was gonna cut him out myself. (I had been on bedrest for 2 months).

    Good luck, though, and I hope your little guy comes all on his own, and quickly.

  4. Terin

    21st Feb 2011 at 1609

    That really sucks that you didn’t get the meds for free. I suppose a discount is better than nothing though. :unsure:

    I’m excited to see your new theme. Even though I believe this one is different from the last one I’ve seen. I haven’t really be around much.

    Time is winding down for you. I’m excited for you, and I hope that you don’t have to be induced. I hear that makes it worse.

  5. Georgina

    26th Feb 2011 at 1723

    Catherine makes the BEST layouts… they are so gorgeous and well done. I’m sure it’ll be a good way to celebrate when you put it up, it’s gonna be awesome! I’ve been making a WordPress theme for someone, I was surprised they even asked since I don’t actually advertise that I do that. XD

    You are most welcome for all the help, of course! I hope your host replies and explains to you what’s going on. It can be annoying to want to work on your site and not have it working. Back in the day (two years ago) when I had a crap host I just dealt with it and got used to it, shrugged it off. Now that I have a good host I am so grateful for it. Always wanting to work on my sites and I like relying on it since it’s always there.

    Ughhhh I would have been annoyed just getting a 20% discount. Screw them man. :( I’m glad Dakota is doing OK but what the hell… considering, $46 is really not a lot and they should take the bloody blame. Losers. What’s the loss? I’m sure they don’t get this happening often so why don’t they be nice about it!

    Best of luck with the baby *hugs* <33

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