Still Pregnant

Yep. I tried walking around Wal Mart and a few other stores a lot while the hubs and I did a bunch of shopping. Last night we went to Chili’s for some spicy food as that is another thing “said” to bring on labor. Well, I don’t like a lot of spicy food, so what I had wasn’t really that spicy but it made my mouth burn a little bit. But it was GOOD. lol Then when we got home I ate some pineapple, which also is “said” to help. This next part might be TMI, but to top it all off, hubs and I had sex. :blush: But that did nothing either :( One of my friends said her water broke soon after her and her husband “did the deed” so we tried, but nothing really happened but me being a little sore, not like me being sore down there is much news. I think the baby has dropped or at least keeps hitting my cervix, which is NOT pleasant! Chili’s and a little more shopping gave me a bunch of contractions at first (just BH though) so I thought we were getting somewhere :( Oh well. Next NST is tomorrow and I’m kinda hoping they send me up to L&D so we can just get him out! I’m so ready to meet my little boy and these last few weeks have been the longest.

Site-wise, I am most likely getting a new domain. My current host isn’t getting back to me, it seems as though she has fallen off the online world over the last almost month. She hasn’t updated her twitter or even her facebook and hasn’t responded to any of my emails :( Crazy-Cordy.Net expires around the middle of next month (march) so I am trying to figure something out RIGHT NOW before the baby comes and I have less time to move everything and I don’t want to be stressed out. Well, I plan on moving over as an add-on with my collective domain and most likely will be getting the domain… it’s the same just without the hyphen. I kinda like the look of it better and it won’t require me changing a whole lot around in the site, which is a plus. Also, my hostee will be moving with me with her subdomain :) The move will most likely take place next weekend sometime? That’s my goal! Unless I hear back from my host.


  1. Noelle

    28th Feb 2011 at 0701

    Oh my how exciting is that! I am sure that you are so done being pregnant and you just want to welcome your baby into this world!! Hope by the time I am done typing this you will be holding your little one!

  2. dawn

    28th Feb 2011 at 1105

    i been there!! im so excited for you guys, its scary, but such an amazing experience, that you both with cherish for ever!

  3. Melle lee

    28th Feb 2011 at 1737

    I’m soooo excited for you guys.. FREEEAAALLLsss.. I love spicyfood though and whoooa you had sex with him though you’re preggy? hmmm I remember Josh tellin me– you wanted to have a kid but I dont think you are ready to have a kid because you still go out and party a lot.. LOL it was like–ouuuuch..

    Its hard to have a host like that so I suggest that you change host now.. Im looking forward on the site goals you mentioned.. :))

  4. Stepherz

    1st Mar 2011 at 1022

    Haha. But it’s so warm in there; he’s not ready to come out yet. :D Hopefully he’ll be ready soon, or he’s gonna be evicted! :)

  5. Georgina

    2nd Mar 2011 at 0424

    I remember being on a forum and there was discussion about how to encourage labour by having sex. I will admit (without TMI) that it is not comfortable at all with anything putting pressure on your cervix. My best friend and I actually made up a joke that guys boasting about ridiculously long reproductive organs need to get real because having anything hit the cervix and being that deep would not be pleasant! Right, that was a tad TMI. XD

    I hope baby Easton comes soon though! :) Dang, my boyfriend likes spicy food and all I can say is that it makes me poop.

    Just let me know any time if you need to grab a new domain and need my help! I’d be more than happy to. It’s a bit annoying that your host isn’t replying about what’s going on especially during this eventful time! :(

  6. Lyssa Honey

    2nd Mar 2011 at 1209

    good luck with the pregnancy doll. I have never been in your shoes so I can’t even imagine what you’re going through.

  7. lindsie

    2nd Mar 2011 at 1730

    Hey hey I seen this was dated in February so hopefully you had the baby already :)

    Hope your doing well and I love the Easton logo, cute!

  8. Becca

    3rd Mar 2011 at 0800

    I’m so excited for you. You need to post pictures when it finally happens!!

    Let me know if you need a host – I can definitely add you on to my hosting plan.

    1. Courtney

      5th Mar 2011 at 2337

      I had emailed you a while ago, but idk if you ever got it! I definitely needed a cpanel, so thank you for offering but I did find a host :D It means a lot though that you were willing to help me out!!!

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